Draktahvi Tyvek's Character Sheet

Draktahvi Tyvek

Name :  Draktahvi Tyvek       (Player : Sharon Tripp)

Race :  Ventri       Gender:  Male       Age:  31
Hair :  Dark brown, straight, all over   Eyes:  Brown
Frame:  Wiry         Height:  5'4"       Weight:  123 lbs.
Faith:  Ridvu, God of Blood Oaths
Born :  Barony of Manson

Profession:  Mercenary    (Bonus on Tables I, VII)


     Body  :        5    Coordination:  8
     Health:        7    Lift:          1
     Mind  :        4    Perception:    8
     Power :        0    Spirit:        4
     Toughness :    2    Wealth:        1

Racial Traits   : Toughness +2 to resist cold based damage

Positive Traits : (2) Lucky (+1 to alldefensive rolls to avoid being hit)

Negative Traits : (2) Price on head

Skills:                            Value:
     Animal handling               2
     Climbing                      2
     Concealment                   3
     Daggers & knives              4
     Hand to hand combat           8
     Interrogation                 2
     Language: Baronial Trade      1
     Musical instrument (drums)    3
     Pressure points               5
     Riding                        1
     Rope usage & knots            1
     Stealth                       4
     Survival, forest              1
     Survival, rainforest          2
     Swimming                      3
     Throwing weapons              5
     Torture                       1
     Tracking (wilderness)         5
     Tumbling                      4
     Woodcarving                   1


     Tunic, Silk used
     Pantaloons, Silk used
     Sash, Silk
     tools, used
     Soap, bar
     Bosun's whistle
     Belt pouch
     56 frills
     Quiver with 20 arrows

Weapons:            Dmg       Def  Rate of fire/Reload

     Short sword    +6        +1        N/A
     Dagger         +3         0        2/-
     Dagger         +3         0        2/-
     Long bow       +8        N/A       1/0

    Drak has been a merc for over ten years, with several different
companies.  His role is usually as a scout or skirmisher.  Recently, he
was hired as a guard on a merchant's expedition to the rainforest.

   Corfin, the merchant, claimed that he had finally come up with a way
to make a fortune off of the rainforest (though never detailed his plan,
as he worried about other people cashing in on his idea before he
could).  Drak never found out for certain the nature of Corfin's scheme,
only that whatever it was, it didn't work.

Unfortunately, Corfin had been so sure of his own abilities that he had
invested all his resources into the failed plan, counting on the profits
earned through it to pay his bodyguards.  When told that he would not be
paid for his services, Draktahvi killed Corfin for his breach of

     Drak spent the past several months in the rainforest.  He and the
other guard on the expedition, Esau, an argainian, found minor work
helping out in skirmishes between warring tribes. In this way they
finally earned enough in the way of supplies to begin their trek back to
Tor-VarDen. He had just returned to civilization when he was abducted.

     Draktahvi, as a worshipper of Ridvu, has a very definite view of
what actions are required of people.  He will fulfill any agreement
(written, verbal or understood) that he has engaged in to the best of
his abilities, unless the other half of the bargain is not fulfilled.
If forced into a contract under duress or through trickery, he will
still endeavor to fulfill the letter of the contract.  However, such
contracts hold less weight than any previous contracts agreed to without
duress, should the two come into conflict. Although Drak is basically
selfish, he will give his life to uphold an oath, if that is what it

Ventri are a race of mammalian humanoids that are, in T'Phon,
believed to share an ancient ancestor with weasels or ferrets. They tend
to be more perceptive and coordinated than humans, and have a natural
body fur that protects them against harsher winter weather climates. It
is unknown where the Ventri originate - it is believed that the current
population are descendants from the crew of a shipwrecked vessel that
arrived on the continent during the First Age of T'Phon's history. They
have integrated well into the human dominant society, and in the process
have lost most of their own cultural past. Humans often believe that
there is nothing so dangerous as a Ventri that is cornered or hungry,
but it is not known if this is a built up stereotype based on unfounded
prejudice or the result of careful propaganda in centuries past by the
Ventri to aide survival. The Ventri were, once, greatly outnumbered by
the Human population, but have now come close to equalling them in
numbers in the Baronies (They are less common in the Rain Forest and
Jambian areas of the world).

[The above represents Draktahvi's original character information at
start, and not how his skills and possessions were situated after his
adventures in T'Jacob and his involvement in a number of events
including a revolution against the Baron T'Jacob.]

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