Generic, Universal & Multi-Genre Roleplaying Mechanics

ARM: Advanced Roleplaying Mechanics
CAGE : Cinematic Adapted Gaming Engine
Cosmos v 1.2 ASCII
COSMOS v 1.2 Word Perfect
Claymore 6.0 (RPG)
FUDGE (Grey Ghost Games)
GAME : Greatly Abbreviated Mechanics Etc.
Ginzo combat system
GRIM rules, vs 3.1
Hunt Publications - Generic RPG Support Materials
Infinite Concepts RPG
Kaleidoscope RPG
OPIGS: One Page Gaming System (Toon Like)
Oroborus RPG
Paganini's Universal Storytelling Game
Paradigm Shift
Plain Label RPG
Sherpa RPG (For Roleplaying While Hiking!
System One : A Generic RPG system
STRPS Support Site
TGTA: The Guide To Adventure
Toaster : An Easy To Use RPG System
Universal Table Runner (shareware)
YARPS: Yet Another Roleplaying System

See Also : an online directory to roleplaying on the Web.
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