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Updated on 04/23/99

Roleplaying Materials

These are either texts or software related to roleplaying gaming. Programs are marked with the 'IBM' Icon. Adventurer's Companion (RPG Magazine) Issue Alien Name Generator Program
ALTREAL10.ZIPAlternative Realities RPG : Rules & Sample Worlds (HTML & Wordperfect Versions combined) Zipped Amber - Commentary on Spellcasting Amber - Combat Tips ARM: Advanced Roleplaying Mechanics
KALENDER.EXE Ars Magica - Medieval Calendar Program ArsMagica - Unofficial Supplementals 1 of 3 ArsMagica - Unofficial Supplementals 2 of 3 ArsMagica - Unofficial Supplementals 3 of 3
CAMPAIGN.ZIP Campaign Manager v1.02
COCGEN12.ZIP Call Of Cthulhu - Character Generator Program Cosmos v 1.2 ASCII COSMOS v 1.2 Word Perfect Character Constructor Software for RPGs. Claymore 6.0 (RPG) Rules for 'Titan' Board Game in Cosmic Style DC Heroes Character: The Dragon Saint Dungeon Master's Assistant (Software) Dungeon Maker for Windows 3.1 Dungeon Master! (Shareware) Dungeon Master's Familar (Freeware) Death or Glory RPG Dragons Of the East : Internet Email Discussions about RPGS set in the Far East (Japan/China). June 95 thru November 95. Dragon Net RPG (Internet Designed) Alpha Release Dragon Raid RPG (Shareware) 'Christian RPG' DC Heroes : Varient World, Earth C Eternal Soldier RPG Fantasy Europe Info (Generic)
FFRPG.ZIP Final Fantasy RPG (Returners Edition) Forgotten Futures #1 : Kiplings Scientific Romances Forgotten Futures #2 : Griffith's Stories of Other Worlds Forgotten Futures #3 : Doyle's Professor Challenger Famous Last Words (of Characters in RPGS) Fringe : Etext Magazine for Gaming FAQ on Roleplaying
FTOOLS.ZIP Fantasy Gaming Tools for Windows (Shareware) RPG : Greatly Abbreviated Mechanics Etc. Ginzo combat system Game Master's Assistant Software GRIM rules, vs 3.1 Playing Ninja's & Superspies in Invid Invasion
ITNOJRPG.ZIP In The Name of Justic RPG (Adobe Format in ZIP)
LANGMAKER.ZIP Language Maker (To make Fantasy Languages) Lights, Camera Action vers 1.0 Mage To Mage Combat System v 0.88 Mark Carlson's Collected History Notes for RPG
MYSTIC2.ZIP Mystic Earth RPG 2nd edition Internet Book of NPC's for Roleplaying Internet Book of Plots Vol. 4 Internet Book of Plots Vol 1, 2, & 3 One Page Gaming System (Toon Like) Papyrus - a Roleplaying Ezine Online Paranoia RPG Rules Outline Playing Heroes Unlimited in Invid Invasion Powers That Be (Champions Newsletter 12/92)
QUESTPDF.ZIP" Quest RPG System (Adobe format)
QUESTPDF.ZIP" Quest RPG System (HTML format) Realm of Adventure RPG (Shareware) Fantasy Hero : Rainbow Campaign Summary Types of Roleplayers (Humor) Space 1889 to GURPS translation Simple Laid-Back Universal Game System
SBIND45.ZIP Shadow Bindings RPG
SMASTER2.ZIP Shadow Master (An alternative Amber Based Game System) Skills Oriented Universal Roleplaying System v1.08 Spellcast: A Wizards Dueling system via hand gestures Star Wars : 1st edition RPG Module
CODMAGE.ZIPStoryteller (World of Darkness) Mage Character Creator
COD.ZIPStoryteller (World of Darkness) Vampire Character Creator System One : A Generic RPG system Tekumel (EPT) : Conversions to Runequest Mechanics Tekumel (EPT) : Tekumel Digest Tekumel (EPT) : Clan of the Open Sepchula Tekumel (EPT) : Digest of Shadowlands Tekumel (EPT) : Table of Contents for TOME Version
GLASS.ZIP Through The Looking Glass RPG
TSSI.ZIP Top Secret/SI Character Generation Aide Universal Table Runner (shareware) Rifts: Virtual Virtual Reality Supplement World Design Digest - the early volumes World Design Digest Vol 35-70 Character Weight Determination Program World Design Digest Vol.1 #84 thru Vol 2. #70 inclusive. Excellent discussions on Game World Design concepts and applications. Yet Another Roleplaying System Dave Nalle's Ysgrath Mini-RPG system v5.2

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