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The Western Avenue Irregulars

The Western Avenue Irregulars are a collection of mature roleplayers from various walks of life who meet together at a private home in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) for the purpose of enjoying each other's company, with an emphasis on Tabletop Roleplaying. The ranks change from time to time, as do the games and characters played. The Group is involved in playtesting new mechanics, game systems and settings.

We've played a variety of games, commercial and non-commercial in a wide selection of settings, dependent on personal interests, styles and ideas. We attempt to be mostly cooperative in our gaming style, not competitive. Joseph Teller is the current group organizer, so folks interested in the group should contact him directly.

The group has been operating for nearly nine years now, and the roster of members, games and settings involved has changed over that time. We've had good times, we've had bad times, we've had some great games and campaigns over the years, and occasional missteps or games that went on just a tad too long, or ended sooner then some of the players or gms wanted. Overall we think the group remains a friendly and supportive atmosphere for gaming.

We have our own email mailing List for members which includes scheduling discussions etc.

There are no membership dues or complex membership requirements to be a member of the irregulars. What is expected of members is a liking for roleplaying games, a desire to socially interact with each other, a friendly attitude and a certain amount of flexibility in playing style.

Contact Host's Rules Members Openings

Contact Info:

The group can be contacted by emailing Joseph Teller (unquietsoul @ gmail.com) who's taken back over the organizer position after a 3 year absence from the position (which Kiralee McCauley held from 2003 until June 2006)

Host's Rules :
The hosts have a few set rules that try to apply to the gaming group, in order to keep things friendly, fun and safe. Members are expected to follow the rules if they want to stay members for the long term.

1) No Alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed to be used prior to or during game sessions. No illegal drugs are allowed in our home. Alcohol tends to make people have mood swings that are not good for gaming. There are too many problems that can occur from these and they usually take the fun out of gaming with folks. (You should Feel free to bring Chocolate or Caffine along).

2) Please remove shoes & boots in the hallway before entering the condo. This keeps down the dirt level - if you want to bring some slippers along to wear thats fine with us. (This rule does not apply to events not held at our condo).

3) No players under the age of 18. Sorry, but our games can and do involve mature concepts that may be judged unsuitable for minors. Also, we are not a babysitting service so don't bring along young offspring and expect us to entertain them. Our Condo is NOT child-proofed.

4) If Adult themes, magic, non-Christians, or occasionally scantily clad female players (or characters) upset you then we are probably not the right gaming group for you.

5) Violence between players is not acceptable behavior, nor is threats of violence towards other players. Keep Player Reality Seperate From Character Reality!

6) We prefer folks to make about 75% of the sessions of any game they get involved in (or better!). It's too hard to work around folks who are 'casual gamers' that only want to show up now and then. We want folks who take their gaming seriously in some ways.

7) Not a rule, but a recommendation of knowledge. We like storytelling aspects, non-linear plots, mysteries, puzzles, a chance to be pro-active and not just reactive to situations. We aren't big wargamers, don't use miniatures generally and like to experiment with new rule systems or homebrew designs. We also sometimes do playtesting for game designers and companies and may, when that happens, have to deal with signing 'non-disclosure' releases (though this is very very rare).

Members Roster :
Members with their own websites are linked here in this section. Those without websites who want a personal information webpage on our site are offered one freely from us as members of the group if they want one.

Cindy Shettle - (Co-Host) Player
David Jackson - GM & Player
Franz Yoder - GM (On Sabatical)
Jason (Last Name To Be Announced) Player
Jim Overly - {See Photo} Player)
Joseph "Joe" Teller - (Co-Host) Founder, Organizer, Game Designer, Webmaster, Player & GM {See Photo}
Kiralee McCauley - (Co-Host/Previous Organizer) Game Designer, Player & Co-GM


The Sunday group is once again at full strength.