Modern Fantasy Roleplaying

Agent Wildcard's Bureau 13 Site
Banny And Lissa : Serial Story of Modern Fantasy & Comedy (Daily Updates)
Blackjack's Shadowrun Page
Bureau 13: Team Chicken Salad
Deep Reonance (Shadowrun)
Eden Studios : Witchcraft
Edgewalkers (OTE)
Everlasting, The (Info Site Only)
Geburah's Homepage (OTE related)
In Nomine Character Encyclopedia
In Nominae Collection @Steve Jackson Games
MYSTIC2.ZIP Mystic Earth RPG 2nd edition (Zip for PC)
Official Bureau 13 / Stalking The Night Fantastic Homepages
Shadow Bindings RPG
The Shadowrun Archive
Witchcraft RPG (Eden Studios)
World of Darkness (Seperate Page)

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