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  • Humans, Deltas & Alien Packages
  • Template For Alien Cultures
  • World of Quartermain
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  • Bibliography & Inspirational Materials:

    No game is an island, no idea is not without its sources, and no game setting can be built without drawing from concepts and ideas by others. Quartermain is no exception to these rules, and I gladly acknowledge the following books, movies, & television shows as directly helping us in developing this setting to its full potential.

    Books/Game Books:

    Aliens And Alien Societies By Stanley Schmidt Ed. By Ben Bova (Pub. By Writer's Digest Books)
    Bureau-13 Game. (Pub. By Tri-Tac Games)
    Babylon 5: The Passing Of The Technomages Novel Series, By Jeanne Cavelos (Pub. by Ballantine Publishing Group)
    Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells By Ben Bova (Pub. Writer's Digest Books)
    Fringeworthy Game. (Pub. By Tri-Tac Games)
    GURPS : Bio-Tech Game Supplement. By David Pulver (Pub. By Steve Jackson Games)
    Psi World Game. By Del Carr & Cheron (Pub. By Fantasy Games Unlimited).; )
    TransHuman Space Game Powered By GURPS (Pub. by Steve Jackson Games; By David L. Pulver)
    World Building By Stephen L. Gillet Ed. By Ben Bova (Pub. Writer's Digest Books)
    Magazines & Periodicals:
    Wired Magazine (numerous Issues over several years, articles by various authors)
    Other Media:
    Babylon Five (Tv Series & Tv Movie Series)
    Farscape (Tv Series)
    Hero Game Internet Mailing List
    SG-1 (Tv Series)

    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.ís Hero Systemô 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero Systemô 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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