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Criminal Organizations

Neither Quartermain nor the Quartermain Universe is a Utopia. Despite the efforts of the various law enforcement agencies, there are a number of planetary and interplanetary organizations that fit the concept of organized crime. They work in descretion, sometimes with the asisstance of some foreign governments, sometimes with the assistance of corrupt officials, sometimes simply by hiding among the less fortunate who benefit from their activities or whom they might destroy if they are exposed.

This file is intended to reveal some of the more powerful organizations to GMs and players whoose characters work in law enforcement or the criminal side of society. Numerous smaller groups, localized single-world groups, and one and two person teams also exist. As long as there are civilization, there will be criminals, as there are always beings who refuse to work within the rules set up by societies and needs that societies fail to fulfill.

Children of Byron :

One of the least well-known groups, the CoB was founded by a Bellarian as a revolutionary movement against the status-quo of Bellarian society, art and philosophy. Unlike most Bellarians, the CoB are not idealists, they are anarchistic individualists who have pooled knowledge and resources to escape what they see as "chains of oppression" that the bureacratic slow-moving far-thinking society of the Bellarians to get to enjoy what they see as "the good life" without years of boring paperwork or toil. They are seen as extreme Hedonists, selfish and short sighted by their fellow Bellarians. They got involved in criminal activity some fifty years ago when their leader, a Bellarian named Byron Olmead, was arrested and "rehabilitated" thru the use of telepathic equivilant of brain-washing to conform. Outraged they went from a social movement to a criminal one, seeking to eventually disrupt Bellarian worlds in general. Quartermain has recently been subject to problems with counterfeit funds, documents, and computer disruptions of various systems that the CoB have claimed responsibility for. CoB are believed to be a small number of Bellarians, probably no more than one to two dozen may be active on Quartermain, and their organization Galaxy-wide may be only a few hundred people in all. CoB might employ the aid of locals, including non-Bellarians, for their activities, and may do business with other criminal activities. They have no interest in carrying out violent crimes, but could easily be involved in acts of theft, sabotage, smuggling of non-destructive materials or general morale damaging incidents. One Theory is that the Black Fox might be a CoB recruit.

Fantomas :

The power behind the Q-Corp Fantomas Productions is the inner circle of the Crime organization known as Fantomas. Founded on Earth around the late 1890s in Paris France by a proto-Technomage, they have specialized in deception, deceit and trickery to achieve their crimes more than brute force. They've now spread out to the stars, and employ beings from nearly all the major races, and are involved in fraud, theft, piracy, murder, smuggling and the development of illegal arms, clones and questionable use of paragenetics.

Recent reports say that they have set up shop somewhere on Quartermain proper and are involved in shady dealings with different Zeck factions. Their Q-Corp operations appear extremely legitimate, and probably act only as a means for laundering money in and out of their various illegal operations. They are known to have some of the best technological people in the Galaxy in their employ covertly, and the inner circle is believed to be at least one (if not more) Technomage thats decided to turn to a more 'comfortable' criminal life.

Gauntlett :

A criminal organization founded on the Amara homeworld nearly two centuries ago and which has expanded thru many worlds. The Gauntlett is known for its leadership being entirely made up of Espers of various abilities, as are all their higher ranking agents. Unlike many criminal organizations, they avoid using most other races, except for the occasional Esper that can be drawn into their control. Gauntlett has no known 'public' face like some criminal groups, and tends to specialize in assasinations, high-value small-mass thefts, Corporate Espionage, and the occasional smuggling of small but valuable items and substances for governments and very wealthy Q-Corp officials. Their agents are known for their descretion, customer loyalty and tendency to very carefully planned actions. There is no information available as to how many members they have, where their bases of operation are, or how they make contact with customers. What is known is that they have a certain amoung of protection from some governments, and that they have had agents pass thru Quartermain at various times, but no Gauntlett member has ever been arrested, held and lived to face trial. They either escape or die when in custody, possibly via undetectable suicide devices or some form of specialized mental trigger that causes their bodies to shut down based on circumstance. The last suspected Gauntlett member encountered by Quartermain Guardian Security was a year ago, by Agora Beta, which resulted in the death of the suspect in captivity.

Southside Gangs :

A localized criminal problem on Quartermain are the Southside Gangs, four loosely connected gangs of Grell criminals that hold control over much of the Undercity levels below the Agora Dome of Quartermain. Smuggling, Illegal Substances, Extortion, Fencing Stolen Goods, and the indoctrination of young children into a life of crime tends to be their major known activities. The death of Noz Jantor at the hands of a Fantomas Agent has left one of the four without a leader, and put the rest of them into a paranoid alert. These gangs have maybe 70 to 80 members in all currently, and members tend to run or surrender (if alone) rather then fight when cornered by law enforcement agents. The Sentinals and Guardians are well aware of their existence, but avoid too many trips into the Undercity because of the risks involved.

Szandor :

A Drazili founded organization, Szandor started more as a family business and grew to far greater proportions over several hundred years. Their status as criminals varies, dependent on locale and what operations they are involved in. The officers and controlers are all members of the Szandor House of the Drazili, a house which has lost its legal standing in their homeworld due to political reasons that are nearly incomprehensible to non-Drazili. Non-Drazili rarely rise to positions of any real power or authority, but are generally well paid. Szandor have been known to be involved in nearly every profitable criminal activity possible, including assisting in political actions. They are said to control a tenth of all Drazili businesses galaxy-wide, and have their hands in a lot of non-Drazili businesses as well. Szandor can be ruthless, but they are very protective of their own, and have in the past staged some rather spectacular "jail breaks" to free their people. Szandor have a code of honor among themselves, and have rules about how they treat others. They avoid the use of weapons of mass destruction, and avoid killing innocent bystanders in carrying out their crimes (but generally feel that any government employee, including law enforcement agents, are anything but innocent). They expect that someone who they have bought the silence or cooperation or loyalty of to stay bought, no matter what occurs.

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