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Special Campaign Information

  • Who Are We In The Setting?
  • Additional Skills In Quartermain
  • Free Everyman Skills List
  • Special Physics Notes
  • Team Specialist Packages
  • Special Notes From The GM
  • Humans, Deltas & Alien Packages
  • Template For Alien Cultures
  • World of Quartermain
  • Laws, Rules & Regulations
  • Q-Corps of Importance
  • Unusual Flora & Fauna:

    Although Quatermain itself has no native life forms, there are a number of imported plants and animals that exist within the domes, and which may be encountered. Additionally there are the occasional illegal imports that occur, and the possibility of off-world encounters on some of the many many worlds in the Universe with life.

    Many life forms have similarity to those found on earth, with only small amounts of deviation (such as color, markings, size, or forms of reproduction) so GMs can draw from the Earth forms in the Hero v5 Bestiary for details in these cases. In cases where a life form is drastically different or unusual a seperate mechanics file will be generated and linked to the information presented in this section.



    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.ís Hero Systemô 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero Systemô 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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