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Free Everyman Skills :

Everyman Skills?

Everyman skills are skills that your character has a familiarity with due to cultural exposure, or daily life. They give your character an 8 or less (8-) chance of success to perform them under use. Attributes do not affect this success rate.

If you want to increase these skills you must buy them up at normal full costs, and then your character gets them based on their attribute values.

If a character is performing a skill in a routine manner without stress, risk or unusual interference or competition involved (ex: Finding a Major Public Building in Quartermain using Area Knowledge) then they get a +5 to their succes chance, raising it to a 13- rate. The GM may choose to not have a character roll on such a simple usage, to reduce time spent in game on such trivial matters, and simply assume success.

A character is not considered Competent at a skill unless they have at least a normal 11- chance of success.

Area Knowledge (Quartermain)
Area Knowledge (Character's Homeworld)
Cultural Knowledge, Native Culture
Native Language (4 pts) includes Literacy **
Professional Skill (for The PCs this is PS: Guardian)
Survival Urban

** Unlike Other Everyman Skills, this one doesn't have an 8- less success, but has automatic success except when dealing with a strange dialect. See Page 43 of Hero Systemô 5th Edition for more details on Languages, fluency and point values.

See Pages 28 & 29 of Hero Systemô 5th Edition for more details about skill usage, modifiers to rolls and Everyman skills.

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