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Character Creation Guidelines

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  • This setting uses some non-standard character construction guidelines and rules limitations. Remember that it is Science Fiction, not superhero, in its nature, and characters should be capable of doing more than just combat related tasks.

    Player characters begin by having 200 base construction points and up to 150 points from disadvantages, for a total of 350 points. Maximum of 75 points from any one of the four categories of disadvantages. END costs are on the 1 per 10 Active Pts (as if Superhero) even though this is not a superhero setting.

    Abilities should use the limits for Characteristics of a 10-40 point range, Speed range of 3-10, OCV range of 6-13, DCV of 6-13, At least 25 points in skills (no upper limit), Skill roll range of 8-16, and Powers with a maximum of 75 Active Points*. If you think you have a good reason to have a character outside any these limits, discuss it with the GM.

    * Exception To Point Limit : Clairsentience and Detect/Sense Powers are not held to the active Limit

    Competent Normal as noted in various places assumes here a character that is within the limits of what is called in the BBB as a Powerful Hero (100 Base Points, upto 100 points from disadvanatges, upto 50 points from any one Category of Disadvantage). Competent Normals may have racial abilities, superpowers and advanced technology of their own.

    Normal as per mention under DNPCs etc assumes here a character that is in the limits usually called a Competent Normal on the charts (50 base points, 50 points from disadvantages, maximum 100 points, 25 disadvantage points max from any one category). Normals may have racial abilities and equipment but not superpowers of their own.

    Incompetent Normal in this setting is one with a base of 0 points and up to 50 points in disadvantages with a maximum of 50 disadvantage points from any one category. (What is usually called a Standard Normal.)

    Racial Disadvantages do not count against the Category Limits, but do count against the final Disadvantage total.

    The reason for these changes is that this is a "skill-heavy" setting and that most beings who have traveled to Quartermain have probably done so because they are reasonably or highly skilled. Player Characters should also be expected to have a variety of skills.

    Special Mechanics & Changes From The Rules:

  • Drain Cannot Kill
  • Dain and Supress when used against a power in an EC do not affect the other powers or the base in regards to those other powers. If you want to affect all the powers then you need a drain/supress that specifically targets the overall EC Category (ex: Drain vs Weather Powers, Drain vs Mental Powers, Drain vs TK Powers, etc.) and then target the base EC only; or you can only affect a single power within the EC. This reduces the effectiveness of Drain and Supress and puts logic back into it (since Drain via the rules has no special effects on other power structures).
  • Drain Cannot affect Inherent Powers, extra Limbs, physical wings, Speed or senses
  • Growth and Shrinking are limited to two levels, and attempts to create characters with the equivilant of either as 'always on' will be examined carefully and need logical reasons for their existence.
  • No FTL Power allowed.
  • No Indestructible Foci
  • No “Line Of Sight” Power Advantage can be added to a power
  • No Multiple-Power Attacks (But Linked powers are ok)
  • No Resurrection Power
  • No Cosmic VPPs or VPPs with any of the special VPP Advantages
  • EC's and Multipower Frameworks are limited to a maximum of 16 slots in a framework.
  • Magic cannot be the basis for any ability, advantage or concept. This is a pure SF setting with Clark's Law firmly in place. Psionics can be used, Micro technology, nano-technology, cyber-implants, natural racial abilities, mutations, genetic manipulation, etc. Technomages perform things that appear to be magic but mix a wide range of technologies, natural abilities and deception to produce their effects.
  • Multiform is Limited to a maximum of 16 Forms.
  • Multiform Cannot be placed inside a VPP, EC or Multipower!
  • Optional Money system is not in use.
  • Reputations are restricted to a maximum of Medium sized groups and no more than an 11- frequency to start since the characters are new to the job (reputations cannot be job related to start).
  • Remember!

    The GM has final approval on all characters, powers, races and backgrounds. The GM will have editorial control and is the final arbitrator of disputes regarding mechanics. Just because something is not strictly forbidden doesn't mean it will be acceptable. It has to fit the setting, the campaign framework, and the GM's vision of the campaign.

    The GM will attempt to respect your character concept at all times and is not in an advisarial position. The GM is interested in having the gaming experience be interesting, memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. If you have anything that makes you uncomfortable, irritated or frustrated be sure to present your viewpoint regarding such to the GM so that fair and reasonable compromises and changes can be made to accomodate you.

    The GM must have a complete and accurate copy of your character sheet in order to do her/his job. Don't expect the GM to know something that is not in the information that has been written down. Feel free to include as many additional pages of character background notes, descriptive information (including non-text elements like theme music, artwork, etc.)

    Remember also that characters do NOT have script immunity from harm or death. If the universe (via the dice rolls) deems it, you character may suffer injury or death during the course of the storyline. This is part of the nature of the setting and the game. If you cannot deal with this it is best not to get involved in playing this setting and system.

  • Transformation Attacks cannot be used to kill a target (ie: transform living person into dead person). If it kills it must be bought as a killing attack, no matter what the special effects on the appearance of the corpse would be.
  • Transformation Attacks cannot be used to change a living thing into a non-living thing, or a non-living thing into a living thing. This is a strict interpretation of the text in the rules, and yes it is contradicted in the Hero Beastiary. Until the author of Hero clarifies the contradiction adequately we are sticking to that in the base rulebook for this setting.
  • The use of “Affects Desolid” Advantage has to be reasonable and have some form of GM understandable logic. You can’t buy “EB Fire attack that Affects Desolid” for example, as there is no logical reason as to why this advantage should work on the special effect of fire. If a physical object is created that can hit a Desolid Character, that Desolid Character is capable of hitting the Object as well without having to buy a modification on their power(s) to hit it.
  • The Power Extra-Dimensional Movement requires GM approval. It will be approved if the concepts are Reasonable and fit the science concepts of the setting, but will be restricted in regards as to how many Characters in the group may have the ability.
  • The Talent “Universal Translator” is only available to Humans in the setting. It cannot be anything other than a personal ability (not based on equipment/foci or other cost cutting measures.
  • Force Walls are automatically Transparent to attacks of a Mental, Flash or Power Defenserelated, unless Specifically bought to defend against such (with a rating in that category) as a 1/4 advantage.
  • Any attack that uses Poison as a special effect must specify which kind of Poison from the category list under the Life Support Rules, and people possessing Immunity to that kind of Poison will not be affected by the Poison as it acts as complete defense against it. The same is true for Diseases and Disease Immunities.
  • The power Aid (on pg. 89 of the book) cannot be used to affect Speed, END or STUN.
  • Healing cannot be bought with range in the setting. See the Espers document for details of why/how for this and other Psionic abilities.
  • The Mental Classes for Mental Powers are classified as Animal, Machine, and 3 classes of Alien (simply Numbered 1, 2 and 3). Human Minds are Class 1 Alien as are many other races (but not all). Mental Powers are required to have a specific class assigned to them when purchased. Using a Mental power against A different Class of mind is at a -3 to ECV Attack rolls and -10 to all Effect Rolls except Ego Attack Which suffers a -5 to effect. (See Page 79 of the rulebook). If constructing a new Alien race, being a Class 2 or Class 3 race mentally is a 5 point Talent for the race. There is rumor of Class 4 aliens existing, but these are not suitable for PCs or regular inhabitants of Quartermain (Class 4 are pure energy beings).
  • Haymakers are only being allowed for attacks that include a character’s Strength (or TK strength) in their damage. You cannot use a Haymaker attack with a ranged weapon attack of any sort!
  • Martial Arts will use the superhero damage mechanic and not the standard heroic limitations when it comes to Strength and how it applies to attacks and also to weapon damage. Ultimate Martial Artist materials can be used.
  • Special MegaScale Rules:

    We will not be using the standard MegaScale table. The following applies instead:

    Value     Length/Area of One Hex	
    +0        2 meters   (Normal)	
    +1/2      Decameter  (10 meters)
    +3/4      Hectometer (100 meters)	
    +1        Kilometer  (1000 meters)	
    +2        Light Second* (300000 Kilometers) [Rounded from 299792.458km]
    +3        Light Year* (9.46x10^15 meters)

    MegaScale is only available for the powers of Teleport, Images, Flash, Darkness, Clairsentience, and Change Environment for Player Characters. (Space ships or bases might have MegaScale for other powers, such as Flight, ForceWall, or Energy Blast but such are beyond the power capability of any individual or their personal equipment at the setting's technology level).

    * Megascale Flight at these values is not possible that reaches or exceeds the speed of light. as the energy needed would exceed that which could be generated by any technology in the setting. Megascale Change Environment, Flash and Images are not possible with these scale values in the setting. Megascale Teleport at these values can be performed by certain types of vehicles, but should not be bought for individual abilities.

    Buying Megascale on Clairsentience does mean that you can observe things from where you are out to the maximum range. If you purchase a movement power with Megascale you must also buy at least a small amount that is not on megascale so that you can pinpoint locales at a shorter distance (otherwise, for example, a ship with megascale flight would not be able to pinpoint land on a landing pad).

    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.’s Hero System™ 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero System™ 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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