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  • Quartermain Physics Notes:

    The basic Hero Systemô rules are designed with an Earth-similar environment in mind as being standard for a world. Quartermain is not entirely Earth-Similar and presents some mechanics needs not found in standard Hero when dealing with Physics.

    Conservation Of Energy as a law of physics is not fully in effect in the Quartermain Universe, because the Universe is not a closed system (essential for that law to apply) and energy may be drawn from other dimensional spaces by various sources, such as wormholes, pulsars, etc. This difference explains why many things may be possible that do not occur under normal physics concepts of the world you live in.

    Knockback is designed in Hero with a cinematic flair, and is excessive when compared to real-world concepts. Luckily this is not a problem and can be left as-is in Quartermain as the world's Gravity being 1/4 of Earth's means that basic knockback from physical attacks (punches, kicks, explosions etc) makes perfect sense within the setting. The exception here is that purely Energy based attacks (lasers, masers, electricity, fire, etc.) should have the No Knockback Limitation automatically applied when being constructed for a character or weapon, and that you cannot add additional knockback to such energy based attacks. Energy atacks inside an atmosphere rarely have any real-world affects on such (unless they have the Explosion Advantage) and since we are trying for a more realistic setting design it is important that these rules be applied.

    Gravity in general is a major problem in regards to SF that the Hero Systemô does not address, they only have two settings for gravity On or Off. So to better handle the concepts of gravity we implement the need for expanding the Talent of Environmental Movement. A seperate Environmental Movement is needed for zero Gravity, low Gravity, one Gravity, Two Gravities, etc. (If a celestial body falls between two of these marks, the higher of the two is applied). A character gets for free the 4 character points in their native gravity rating (ex: Earthers get Environmental Movement, One Gravity. Note that since Quartermain is 1/4 Gravity it is rated as a Low Gravity world. Characters born in Higher or Zero gravity will need to buy the Talent for 4 points to avoid the detrimental effects of operating in a different gravity than their normal one, this actually represents special training and acclimation to the gravity differences.

    A character operating in a Gravity that they do not have Environmental Movement for is at -3 to their OCV for all attacks, and 1/2 their DCV from attacks. If the gravity is higher than their native one, then they must spend double the normal END costs for Running, Leaping, swimming and flight (if powered by their own END).

    Teleportation All teleportation of matter in the Universe of Quartermain is defined as being achieved by passage into higher dimensional space momentarily (the same method as that used by Starships via the T-Gates but at a lower energy cost). Basically a character that teleports is producing a miniature gate effect for nano-seconds of time. If a character travels longer distances (via memorized locales and/or use of the Megascale rules) then for every 250,000,000 meters traveled an extra phase will pass before they will reappear. This is because they cannot achieve the speeds a starship might achieve thru the T-Gates, which are the fastest method of transportation possible. It takes 1 Earth Day to travel each Half a Light Year normal space distance thru a T-Gate. There is no Matter-to-Energy/Energy-to-Matter transference technology or know powers in the universe, as the energy costs for such are extreme. Game Mechanics Rules Notes:

  • Position Shift Adder Is Not Allowed.
  • Safe Blind Teleport Adv.(+1/4) Is Required On All Teleportation Powers
  • Psionics (Esper Abilities) What is generally called Psionics or Esper abilities in Quartermain are handled by a science skill of Paraphysics, and each 'category' of abilities has its own special effects rules and explanations. These are handled in the Espers document.

    Square Cube Laws Are under effect, which is why the Hero v5 Powers of Growth and Shrinking are limited. You cannot take a person, reduce their size to that of a toy doll or smaller by removing mass and not end up with a ton of problems (including lost intelligence etc.) Growth has its own problems, which is why there is an upper limit to the size of insects, or humans and aliens that can be larger than elephants by somehow inflating themselves with mass from some unknown source. (There can be larger than human range creatures, but not one's that increase at will more than 2 levels of growth - and those are probably doing so by inflating gas bladders or some such).

    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.ís Hero Systemô 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero Systemô 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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