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    The Agora Dome is the main business district in Quartermain, and includes a wide range of businesses, entertainment venues, resteraunts, service providers, and corporate headquarters. All the Q-Corps maintain offices in the Dome, but this listing centers more on the places that the common folks of the city visit that might serve as a backdrop or stage upon which the campaign stories may occur or where characters might find themselves in regular interaction with.

    The Dada Cafe

    One of the more unusual places to consume a wide range of hot caffeine liquids, intoxicants, light meals and sugary pastries while listening to various self-proclaimed Bohemian lifestyle individuals chat, banter, carry on and live soap opera lives in front of the public. The Dada Cafe occupies the bottom three floors of a 15 story tall cylinder shaped building. The rest of the building is filled to the brim with studios and workspaces for artists. Outside the building one can see a barrage of color and form, as special materials display to the passers by a constantly rotating series of artist created paintings, murals, collages and photographs. Inside the artists see only perfectly clear views of the city, as the artwork is a projection that is only seen on the outside draw from their studio space. This gives artists maximum light and freedom from being observed at their work. The Cafe acts as a gathering place for those who create art in the building, and also doubles as a gallery space to sell their works (shown on walls and ceiling) and meet patrons of the arts.
    Harcourt & Olay
    From the outside this looks like a relatively ordinary corner food and drink operation with little in the way of adornment. Inside it has a lot more ambience, including lots of real wood booths, tables and serving bar. Renault Harcourt, the owner, is an Ex-Guardian, medically retired after injuries received in a firefight with smugglers a decade ago. Olay is a dual sexed Amara who is his soft spoken business partner and outcast among hir own people for refusing to produce offspring ("Sex is fun, babies are for folks who plan on dying someday.") In general the clientel here are Sentinals, Guardians, their friends, associates and folks who need help and can't go thru official channels.

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