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  • These are Synopses of the various Alien Species and Humans, centering on basic appearance and those aspects of details that affect game mechanics. Detailed Species Cultural information is planned thru Linkage to a seperate page for each Alien Species when time permits.

    It is important to note that racial Limitations do not count against the Category Limits for a character. A character may exceed the usual 75 point Limit in a category of disadvantages, if it is racial disadvantages that are the excess. But the racial disadvantage points DO count against the maximum for their total points from disadvantages.

    Humans Alien Humanoids Non-Humanoid Aliens

    Humans & Their Derrivatives:

    It is important to note that humans have two primary physical sexes (Male & Female) with two fairly rare physical sexes that will emulate in public one or the other of the primaries (Androgenous and Hermaphrodite). They have also two prime Gender Roles, and four (or six) lesser Gender Roles. Humans range from extreme xenophobia and racism, to extreme xenophilia and abandonment of their own racial identity when dealing with aliens and alien cultures. This makes them difficult to stereotype when compared to many other species, and highly unpredictable in their actions and responses, as well as their abilities.
    Earther [-20 ] A human born and raised on Earth without excessive bio-engineering. Occasionally some Earthers will have minor psionic abilities, or own unusual technocal devices.
    Environmental Movement 1G.
    Normal Human Maxima (-20) for their Bodies (but not equipment).

    The Human Condition:

    The use of Earth Languages and names for many of the places, corporations, devices and other organizations in Quartermain and the Quartermain Universe is not as uniformed as it may appear in the texts you are reading.

    Humans and their derrived species are not dominant in regards to culture, economics, population, technology or anything else. They do have some small advantage over the other races in regards to their biotechnology changes to themselves (producing the Deltas) and other species (the Chimeras) and that they are more adaptable in learning multiple languages.

    Because of their usage as translators they have often used their own languages as 'common denominators' between the various other cultures, as their limited vocal range simplifies the names used for various things.

    Other names have been translated in these pages to English or other common Earth Languages for your ease of use. Quartermain itself, for example, has actually about six non-Earth Names, but many are unpronouncable or impossible to write using a standard 26 letter alphabet.

    It is a good idea for anyone playing a character that the character is created to know more languages than simply those of their native culture or world.

    Delta-sapien (aka Hybrid) [-5] A human who was drastically bio-engineered before birth or has such traits that have become genetic mutations that they can pass on to offspring. Most Hybrids are not currently allowed to live on Earth beyond the age of 20 thanks to the “Treaty of Tokyo” which perceives them as potential munitions and a genetic risk to the Human Species, so most hybrids join one of the colonies or leave Earth entirely since Earth Year 2280. (Though it is believed that there may be government controlled secret Delta-sapien projects in some of the Nations in case of a war breaking out. Additionally some Esper Deltas serve as Public Witnesses as part of the Earth judicial systems.). Hybrids do not have to be from one of the Earth colonies, but may be. Although Hybrids have human DNA, they may not appear to be human (Though they may). Advanced Hybrids may have animal genes or alien genes included in their biology. Note that France did not sign the Treaty of Tokyo and allows certain kinds of Delta-Sapients to live in their country, including Kents and Espers. Also called Trans-genetics or Deltas.

    Environmental Movement (Choose one: Zero-G, Low-G, 1-G, 2-G, 3-G.)
    Social Limitation : Delta Human 8- [-5]

    Denostri [23 or 8] Humanoid Felines with retractable claws, known for their skills in hand to hand combat, wilderness tracking and hunting, and assasination skills.

    The DeNostri are a sub-category of Delta-Sapients that are true-breeding with each other and incapable of producing offspring naturally with other Delta-Sapients, Humans or other species. Scientifically they are held up as a proof of the "Evils" of genetically introducing non-human DNA into the human gene pool as it leads in just a few short generations into a true sub-species.

    The DeNostri are mostly segregated to a space station facility in the Sol Star System, where they have formed their own society. They are not allowed legally on Earth, but can visit Earth colonies and orbital facilities.

    Most members encountered on Quartermain are sterile outcasts, or clan members working as body guards, trackers or assasins.

    Normal Racial [23]

    Environmental Movement : Low G (0)
    Claws, 1d6 Killing Attack (15)
    Enhanced Hearing [+3 Perception] (3)
    Discrimatory Smell (5)
    *Leaping +5" (5)
    Lightning Reflexes +2 (3)
    Night Vision (5)
    Targeting Sense : Smell (10)
    Tracking Sense : Smell (2)
    Psych Dis : Dislikes Water (Uncommon, Moderate) (-5)
    Social Dis : No Ambassador (-5)
    Vuln: Sonic Based Attacks (EB/Killing etc) X 1 1/2 Stun [Uncommon] (-5)
    Vuln: Sound Based Flash Attacks x2 [Uncommon] (-10)
    Outcast Racial [8]
    Additional Outcast Disadvantages:
    Psych : Exiled (Occasional, Moderate) (-10)
    Social : Sterilized (Occasional, Minor) (-5)
    Popular Skills Set Taken by Race (Seperate Cost = 25 pts Minimal as a set)
    Acrobatics [Dex] (3)
    Breakfall [Dex] (3)
    Climbing [Dex] (3)
    French Langauge [Native-4] (0)
    Martial Arts (Racial Special) (10+)
    Stealth [Dex] (3)
    Tracking [Int] (3)

    Ganian [12] A human born and raised on the Human Ganymede Colony, one of the moons of Jupiter and the largest moon in Earth's Solar System. Ganymede is controlled by the American Union of States, but is a rather small colony that is primarily a miltary base and mining facility inside a single dome.There are almost no Ganians that are not bio-engineered, and generally they should not take the Normal Human Maxima disadvantage. It was the Ganymede colony that found the Transit Gate around Jupiter and who first made contact with non-human sentient life forms.

    Environmental Movement Low-G
    Life Support : Longevity (+1)
    Life Support : High Radiation (+2)
    +2 ED (+2)
    Life Support : Immunity to Viral Infections (+4)
    Life Support : Immunity to Bacterial Infections (+3)

    Lunarian [1] A human born and raised on Earth’s moon colony. Lunarians may or may not be bio-engineered Deltas. They may have the Normal Human Maxima disadvantage, but it is not automatic. They are called "Loonies" as a derrogatory term, by some Earthers. Luna was settled and is under the control of the Asian Alliance.

    Environmental Movement Low-G
    Life Support : Longevity (+1)

    Martian [5] A human born and raised on Terraformed Mars. Many Martians are bio-engineered Deltas. They may have the Normal Human Maxima disadvantage, but few do. The Mars Colony is the largest human colony, having reached some 10 million people to date. Mars is held under the government of the European Union.

    Environmental Movement Low-G
    Life Support : Extended Breathing (+1)
    Life Support: Immunity to Viral Infections (+4)

    New French [8] A human born on the Human French Colony on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Being far more stable than the American colony on Ganymede (which has had a problem with internal strife), it is much larger and has a commercial space facility that gets much of the alien commerce traffic thru the T-Gate. It's population includes Earthers, and a wide range of Deltas, as well as some resident members of friendly trade partners from the other races.

    Environmental Movement Low-G
    Life Support : Longevity (+1)
    Life Support : Immunity to Viral Infections (+4)
    Life Support : Immunity to Bacterial Infections (+3)

    Alien Humanoids

    Unless noted otherwise Humanoids are assumed to be similar in shape to a human with four major limbs with two used for locmotion and two for manipulation, a backbone and nervous system, etc. (Human shape, unless otherwise noted). Type 1 Minds are default. Oxygen breathing is assumed as normal, unless otherwise noted.

    Sex & Gender:

    When descriptions measure "Sex" they are referring to actual physical genders (male, female, etc.), while Gender is a matter of self identification and sexual interest in other Genders which can differ drastically (including bi-sexual, homosexual etc.).

    Primary Gender means the predominant divisions found in the society, while Secondary Gender or Secondary Sexes means less than 20% of the population would fall into any such category. (ex: A Hermaphrodite human is a Secondary Sex, since they are maybe 1 in every 100,000 people born).

    Although neither designation has a lot to do with the mechanics of the setting, both can have a lot to do as to how specific societies operate and how people (characters) perceive themselves and their actions, and thus the inclusion here of these details in the abstract.

    Amara [33]A humanoid race ranging from 1.6m to 2.0m in height as adults, warm blooded with a pale blue skin coloring, and no facial hair. They have two primary sexes, and a rare third sex; two primary genders and five secondary genders. The Amara have carefully controlled their genetic pool over thousands of years to reduce imperfections and retain abilities that provided survival advantages. The Amara control three star systems, including one of the other multiple system T-Gates that links to Quartermain, and have a single government body that oversees them all (Known as 'The Council of Life').
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    +6 COM [3]*
    +5 INT [5]*
    +5 DEX [15]*
    +5 CON [10]*
    Life Support : Immunity Bacterial Infections, Common Cold/Flu [5]
    Life Support : Safe Environment Intense Cold, Heat [4]
    Longevity (200 Years) [1]
    Racial Reputation : Racist towards many other species on 8- [-10]
    *This is a minimum racial value, it may be greater in individuals.
    20% of all Amara also have Esper Abilities, and are treated as Superior to those that don't in their society
    Asadi [36] A humanoid race ranging from 1.5 to 1.8m in height as adults, warm blooded and without body hair. The Asadi have a single line of raised nodules that run along the back of their limbs and along their spines, thru which their electrical abilities manifest. They are warm blooded, with two sexes and two primary genders and three seconary genders. Their homeworld is in the same system as the Tarn, but neither has a great interest in the other's planet due to the gravitational and environmental differences. They also have three colonies on moons within their home system. The Asadi joined the Grand Council only ten years ago, and are not highly technologically advanced. Many Asadi hire out to work on ships of other races.
    Environmental Movement : Low-G
    Absorbtion : Electrical Attacks (ED) (-1/2L) 4d6 Into END. Doesn't Work Underwater (-1/4L) [11]*
    Linked: (-1/4L)Armor ED +24 resistant vs Electricity Only (-1/2L) Only upto Amount Rolled by Absorbtion (-1/2L) Doesn't work Underwater (-1/4L) [14]
    Detect Electricity, 360 Degree of Perception [8]*
    Energy Blast : Electrical (ED)10d6. No Range (-1/2L).[28]*
    Racial Reputation : Vengeful 11- [-10]
    Susceptibility : Consumed Alcohol, 3d6 Stun Instantly [-15]
    There are no known Asadi Espers
    * These abilities may increase in an adult, dependent on usage level and diet. They may also weaken in an elderly Asadi, as much as half of the stated values.
    Bellarians [-1]A humanoid race ranging from 1.50m to 2.0m in height as adults, warm blooded, with no body hair. Bellarians are marsupials, with two sexes and three genders. They have no external hearing organs. They prefer a humid environment, and avoid extremely cold climates. They live on over two dozen worlds, but are the controlling intelligent race on only five of them (and each has its own government) sharing worlds or under a non-Bellarian government on the other worlds they live on. The Bellarians are often seen as idealists and Perfectionists that tend to see the good in others and fail to see darker motives.
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    Extended Breathing (1 END per Minute of Holding Breathe) [2]
    Hearing, Targeting Sense 360 degrees Arc of Perception [15]
    Life Support : Longevity (400 year lifespan) [2]
    Racial Reputation : Idealistic Perfectionists 11- [-10]
    Vulnerability to Ice/Cold attacks (Uncommon, 2x Stun)[-10]
    About 20% of Bellarians are Espers of some sort as well.
    Chandanaka [?] aka Skinwalkers A mythical race of either shapeshifters or corpse animating energy creatures (the myths vary, the truth is unknown) that there is some evidence of having existed and perhaps still existing hidden among the other sentients. They are spoken of in many religious texts under a variety of names and descriptions.

    Drazili [30] A humanoid race ranging from 1.4m to 1.75m in height as adults, reptilian egg-layers with two physical sexes and genders. They possess a blunt flattened nose, larger than human eyes (with an extra transparent protective eye-lid), a short stubby tail and leathery skins that they shed once a year. It's believed that many generations ago they had a venomous bite ability, which has since been lost, but they still have immunities to such. The Drazili Union consists of four planets and two domed moon colonies, but was once much larger. They had a short bloody war with the Kareen fifty years ago, and lost two colony planets to them before a peace was signed. The Drazili trade ships visit many of the worlds of the Council, and also some primitive backwater worlds that they exploit. They sometimes use Q’Coatl as healers on their ships.
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    Armor (Skin) 4 rPD/rED [12]
    Body +5 [10]
    Life Support : Immunity to Blistering Agents (Vesicants like Mustard Gas)[3]
    Life Support : Immunity Neutralizing Agents (Tear gas, itching powder, retching agents [2]
    Life Support : Immunity to Ophidotoxins [3]
    Normal Smell/Taste Targeting Sense [10]
    Racial Reputation : Exploiting Non-Council Worlds Via Trade Missions 11- [-10]

    About Attributes:

    Although many of the racial descriptions give specific additions to the attributes of characters (and of course the increase of appropriately derrived attributes from such) it is not a 100% requirement that characters have these higher attributes. These basically raise the numbers to the Average for the Race/Species, you can always take higher or lower, unless a specific Characteristic Maxima is listed, imposed by the GM or taken as a character disadvantage.
    Grell [14] A humanoid race ranging from 1.64m to 1.83m in height as adults, warm blooded, with two primary physical sexes, two primary genders and five secondary genders. The Grell have canine features (elongated jaw, pronounced ears, thick body fur, etc.) and are omnivorous. There are three Grell inhabited planets, each with a different government.
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    Life Support: Immunity to Blistering Agents [3]
    Life Support : Safe Environment, Intense Cold [2]
    Nightvision {+4 Enhanced Sight Perception; ½ limitation only to counteract darkness modifier, passive} [5]
    PD +2 Damage Resistance from Body Fur [1]
    Ultrasonic Perception {Detect Ultrasonic Sound; Passive} [3]
    Hwang [10] A humanoid marsupial species with yellowish skin, ranging from 1.6m to 2.2m in height as adults, with two common physical sexes, one rare physical sex, two common genders and three uncommon sexes. The Hwang are omnivores, with short legs and a long torso. They have two antennae that protrude from the top of their heads which provide unsual sensory abilities, and an elongated tongue that can be used as a weak but useful manipulating tool. Their hands and feet possess 6 digits each, including an opposable thumb. The Hwang hold three worlds in two star systems, and share a world in cooperation with the Bellarians.
    Nearly 50% of Hwang have Esper Abilities
    Evironmental Movement : 1 G
    Tongue : Extra Limb (Limited STR/Manipulation -1/4)[4]
    Stretching 2" (Limited Body Part -1/4 Tongue; no non-combat Stretch distance (-1/4)[7]
    Enhanced Perception : +3 to all PER Rolls/All Sense Groups [9]
    Mental Awareness (Detect Mental Powers, Sense; Passive) [5]
    Ultraviolet Perception (detect ultraviolet light; Passive) [5]
    Vuln : x2 Effect from Sight Flash Attacks [-20]
    Ivka [-8] A six limbed humanoid race ranging from 1.22m to 1.52m in height as adults, warm blooded with two common specific physical sexes. The Ivka are primate descendant and vegetarian. They are primarily a servant race to the Q’Coatl and posses a limited intelligence and ego. They are fairly rare on Quartermain. See Also: Ivka/Q'Coatl Society Details
    Environmental Movement : Low G
    Class 2 Alien Mind [5]
    Ambidexterity (Multidexterity) [9]
    Double Jointed [4]
    Extra Limbs (4 arms in total) Restrainable; Inhertant [4]
    Mental Awareness (Detect Mental Powers, Sense) [5]
    Social Limit: No Ambassador (Minor, Occasional 8-) [-5]
    Racial Characteristic Maxima [-25]
    STR, DEX, CON, BODY, COM = Max Value of 20
    INT, EGO, PRE, REC = Max Value of 10
    SPEED = Max Value of 4
    STUN, END = Max Value of 50
    PD, ED = Max Value of 8
    Swimming, Leaping = Max Value of 5"
    Running = Max Value of 12"
    Kareen [20] A humanoid race ranging from 1.35m to 1.83m in height as adults, warm blooded, with two primary physical sexes, two prime genders and three secondary genders. The Kareen have feline features (Pronounced ears, short body fur, yellow-green eyes, etc.) and are mostly carnivorous. They live primarily in equatorial and tropical areas on their home world and its eight colony worlds in other star systems. The Kareen Empire is seen as expansionist, in search of new worlds, but not afraid of getting into a war to gain additional territory.
    Environmental Movement : 1 G
    Life Support : Diminished Eating, needs to eat and drink at least once every week [1]
    Life Support : Immunity to Fungal Infections, Malaria and Alcohol [6]
    Lightning Reflexes for all actions +2 [3]
    Nightvision : +4 Enhanced Sight Perception; ½ limitation only to counteract darkness modifier, passive [5]
    Retractable Claws : HTH Physical Killing Attack 1d6 [15]
    Vulnerability to Ice/Cold attacks (Uncommon, 2x Stun) [-10]
    Lenaran [4] A humanoid race ranging from 1.8m to 2.3m in height as adults, warm blooded with two primary physical sexes and two genders. The Lenaran are large, with a dark brownish body fur, a flat nose, large eyes, short ears set high upon their skull and a wide horn that runs parallel across their skull above the eyes making them reseble an Earth Bull (except that both male and female possess the horn). They have three digits and an opposable thumb on each hand, and feet with four front facing short toes. The back of their heels have a spur-like protrusion. The Lenarians are relatively new to interstellar travel, and control only one star system at present.
    +20 STR [20]
    +5 BODY [10]
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    HTH Attack +1d6 (Horn Strike) [3]
    Improved Bracing Due to Dense Mass (Knockback Resistance -10") (requires a STR roll(-1/2) [16]
    Prehensile Tail : Extra Limb (1) Limited Manipulation (-1/4) [4]
    Colorblind (Inf, Slightly) [-5]
    Dietary Restriction (Inf., Slightly) : Herbivore [-10]
    Enhanced Sight Perception +3 [6]
    Sinks Like A Stone (inf., Fully) [-15]
    Unwieldy Body Shape (Inf., Greatly) : Considerable Mass and Height [-10]
    Vuln: Electrical Based Damage (Common, x2 Stun) [-20]
    Mishara [43] A humanoid race ranging from 1.2m to 1.8m in height as adults, warm blooded with two primary physical sexes, two prime genders and three secondary genders. The Mishara have features that make them look something like an upright giant raccoon with much finer softer hair. The Mishara have no vocal chords, but instead are natural telepaths. Their communication system caused quite a few problems when they first contacted other races, and they had to go to extensive effort to learn to understand the concepts of a symbol linguistic system that allowed language communication with others. The Mishara control only a single world, but share control of a world with the Bellarians, and many live and work on worlds of other races.
    +8 DEX [24]
    +5 INT [5]
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    Ambidexterity, no offhand penalty [9]
    Nightvision : +4 Enhanced Sight Perception; ½ limitation only to counteract darkness modifier, passive [5]
    *Telepathy 6d6 : Communication Only (-1/4L) Stops working if Unconscious (-1/4) No End (+1/2A) [30]
    Mute (All Time, Greatly)[-20]
    Racial Reputation : Overly Curious 11- [-10]
    *Some Mishara will have more dice of effect,
    or may have more than just communication ability
    Ormos [24] A humanoid race ranging from 1.6m to 2.2m in height as adults, warm blooded mammals, with two primary physical sexes, one secondary sex, and five genders. The Ormos have brilliant white skin marked with dark black stripes, with larger eyes than humans and more cat-like ears (there coloring is often remarked on by humans as being like Zebras). They have two stomaches, allowing them to consume a wider range of plant life as well as meats. Mane-like hair graces their head and runs down along their spine, but they are otherwise hairless. A long pre-hensile tail capable of whip-like movements graces their form and they have cloven hooves for feet. The Ormos home system was left uninhabitable after their sun became unstable some two years after the completion of Quartermain, resulting in the death of two billion of their people when it occured. Small numbers of surviving Ormos can be found among the population of Quartermain and on some worlds controlled by other races, maybe 50,000 or so, but they have no homeworld, no ambassador, no real organization binding them together. Many Ormos have taken up cultural connections to other races, and some can be found living among Human Deltas, whome they feel some affinity since many Deltas feel they have no homeworld either.
    *STR +10 : Doesn't Applying to Lift/Throw or Punches (-1/4L) [6]
    *CON +5 [10]
    Ambidexterity : No Off-Hand Penalty for any Limb [9]
    Enhanced Perception : +3 Smell [3]
    Extra Limbs : Prehensile Tail [5]
    *Hand-to-Hand Attack (HA) PD STR Dice+2d6, Tail Only 'Whip Strike' (-1/2L) Restrainable (-1/2L) [5]
    Life Support : Immunity to Phytotoxins [5]
    *Life Support : Longevity (200 Years)[1]
    *Running : +2" [4]
    Stretching 1" : Tail only (-1/4L) No Non-combat Stretching Bonus (-1/4L) [3]
    Targeting Sense : Smell [10]
    Psych Limitaion : Member of a Dying Race (Common, Moderate) [-10]
    Physical Limit : Frequently Limited Stealthy Movement Hooves [-10]
    Social Limitation : No Ambassador; Occasionally (8-) [-5]
    Vuln x2 : Flash Attacks vs Smell [-10]
    *Individuals may have higher values for these abilities
    20% of Ormos are Espers as well.

    Serog [43] A Silcon based life form that has chosen a humanoid shape, ranging from 2.0m to 3.0m in height. They were first contacted by the Zeck, who discovered their homeworld in one of the non-T-gated systems. The Zeck brought them to the stars with them, hiring them to do work that they are incapable of performing or which they find distasteful. The Serog can be found living on many Zeck controlled worlds in small communities. Their own homeworld has a primitive, mostly tribal, government system and is technologically far from developing space travel.
    Environmental Movement : 2-G
    +15 STR [15]
    +15 Body [30]
    Knockback Resistance : -6" [12] Life Support : Diminished Eating, Once per week [1]
    Life Support : Extended Breathing, 1 END per 20 minutes [4]
    Life Support : Immunity to all Zootoxins [5]
    Life Support : Immunity to all Phytotoxins [5]
    Life Support : Safe Environment Intense Cold [2]
    Healing : Regeneration : 1 pt (10) Reduced to Zero END (+1/2A) Persistant (+1/2A) Extra Time (1 Turn; -1 1/4L) Self Only (-1/2L) Can Heal Limbs (+5) Does Not Work On Fire/Heat Damage (-1/4L) [10]
    Type 2 Mind [5]
    Social Limitation : No Ambassador; Occasionally (8-) [-5]
    No Swimming (-2") [-2]
    Physical Limit : Always 400+ kg, +2 PERC Rolls, -2 DCV (All Time, Greatly Imp.)[-20]
    Racial Reputation : Incapable of Deception 14- [-15]
    Shinji [14] A humanoid race ranging from 1.4m to 2.0m in height as adults. They are warm blooded mammals, with two primary physical sexes, one secondary sex, two primary genders and three secondary genders. They come from a world with a lower mix of oxygen gas than earth, but equal gravity. Shinji have blue green skin and lack body hair, they possess a tail and six digits on each hand and foot. Shinji are omnivores, but prefer a heavy diet of vegetation. Their bodies retain the photosynthetic properties of the plants they consume, and they thus can sustain themselves for long periods of time from a combination of stored energies and energy converted from sunlight. They prefer a humid climate, and culturally prefer to keep much of their bodies clear of clothing as such interferes with their photosynthetic abilities. They are perceived as an older, somewhat decadent race, and may have had contact with the Sindarians before their disappearance from the galaxy. They have a great dislike of the Zeck, due to a war with them a century ago (which ended in a stalemate). The Shinji control six star systems, inhabiting eight worlds and three moons. They do not build domed cities or colonies on worlds where they cannot live without a controlled environment, though they will spend time on alien worlds (like Quartermain) that are otherwise uninhabitable. Their skills as terraformers are well known, as is their natural defensive abilities.
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    *CON +5 [10] *REC +5 {Only In Daylight -1/4L}[6]
    Life Support : Diminished Eating (Once Per 25 hours) [1]
    Extra Limb : Tail (Inherent {+1/4A} Limited Manipulation {-1/4L} Restrainable {-1/2L}) [3]
    *Force Field {Protects Carried Items; 5 PD/5 ED} [20]
    Racial Reputation : Intolerant Towards Zeck (Almost Always 14-) [-15]
    Racial Reputation : Decadent & Hedonistic (Frequent 11-) [-10]
    *These values may vary in specific individuals, and may be greater.
    Individual Force Fields may also have advantages added or additional special abilities.

    Tarn [31] A humanoid race ranging from 1.22m to 1.52m in height as adults, warm blooded, with two primary physical sexes and two primary and three secondary genders. The Tarn come from a higher gravity world, but many have hired on to work outside their home system's borders in search for financial gains. Tarn are mostly vegetarian. Their homeworld is in the same system as the Asadi, but neither has a great interest in the other's planet due to the gravitational and environmental differences.
    Environmental Movement : 2-G
    Extra Strength : +15 STR [15]
    Heavy : Knockback Resistance -3" [6]
    Life Support : Immunity to Alcohol [3]
    Life Support : Safe Environment in Intense Cold [2]
    Physical Limitation : Large Mass (200 to 800 kg; infrequent, Slightly impairing) [-5]
    Refined Senses : +2 PER with Smell/Taste Group [4]
    Thick Hide : Armor 2 PDr 2 EDr [6]
    Ventri [39] A humanoid race ranging from 1.52m to 1.64m as adults, warm blooded, with two primary physical sexes, two primary genders and three secondary genders. They are generally thinner, more flexible and sleeker than humans and possess short body fur) they are omnivorous. The Ventri Alliance is a collection of three worlds and six domed moon colonies in three unremarkable star systems.
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    DEX +15 [45]
    Refined Senses : +2 PER with Smell/Taste Group [4]
    Racial Reputation : Untrustworthy 11- [-10]
    Vree [15] A humanoid race ranging from 1.5m to 1.8m as adults, warm blooded with three physical sexes and three genders. Their feet possess an unusual gland that excretes a sticky substance at will that provides their unusual movement ability, and they can adjust their center of gravity in the process. Feet and hands possess four digits, with one of the digits on the hands being an opposable thumb. Their foreheads have two small horn-like protrusions which are associated with their extra sensory capabilities.
    Environmental Movement : Low-G
    Clinging : Normal Strength (requires bare feet -1/4L) [8]
    High Range Radio Perception (Detect Broadcast Spectrum Transmissions; Increased Arc of Perception 360 degrees); Transmit; Passive [12]
    Running : +6" (Only while Moving via Clinging up a vertical surface) (-1/2L) [8]
    Life Support : Diminished Sleep (8 hours per week) [1]
    Life Support : Longevity (200 years) [1]
    Physical Limitation : Hibernates 90 consecutive days every 400 day year. (Infrequent; Fully Impairing)[-15]
    Vyuhla [36] A humanoid race ranging from 1.5m to 2.0m as adults, warm blooded egglaying monotremes. They have two sexes, and two genders. The Vyhula have a duck-like bill of cartilage and primarily eat a diet drawn from sealife (fish, plants, etc.). Their hands and feet have webbing between the digits so that they may act as paddles in water, and their bodies have an extra layer of fat beneath the skin to deal with a cooler environment.
    Flash Defense : 5 pts vs Sight Group [5]
    Life Support : Expanded Breathing, Underwater [5]
    Life Support : Longevity (200 Years) [1]
    Life Support : Safe Environment, High Pressure [1]
    Life Support : Safe Environment, Intense Cold [2]
    Passive Sonar : (Detect Physical objects, Targeting Sense, Sense, Passive) [22]
    Swimming +6" (8" total) [6]
    Zeck [22] A humanoid race ranging from 1.4m to 1.9m as adults, who are methane breathers. They have two primary genders, and two sexes. The appear to have some semblence to mammals, bearing their young live, but their physiology is very different. They have bright orange skin, and four eyes (two primarily used in day, two used primarily in night). The Zeck are believed to be the most treacherously minded species known, and generally live up to that reputation in their business practices and a government system where leadership usually change because of scandal or assasination. It is said that Zeck always sleep with two eyes open, to guard against other Zeck trying to kill them in their sleep. The Zeck have acquired some fairly advanced technology individually, but generally do not share it widely with each other any more than they do with others. The exception are their Blink Drives, which allow a starship to move thru T-Space without a T-Gate (but which require an Esper with Teleport abilities to function) for short distances. There are nine worlds currently controlled by Zeck, each with its own Autonomous government, but nearly all of them are some form of Republic or Aristocracy. Only one, which is said to be the original Zeck homeworld, has an actual T-Gate in it's star system.
    *INT +10 [10]
    *EGO +10 [20]
    Type 2 Mind [5]
    Life Support : Longevity (virtually immortal lifespan, but most die in much less) [5]
    Danger Sense : Detect Danger, as Sense, detectable by Normal Senses, including Range (17) In/Out of Combat (5) Immediate Vicinity (5)Any Danger (5) [32]
    Mental Defense (10 pts)[10]
    Nightvision :+4 Perc (1/2L to Counteract Darkness Modifiers) Passive [5] Dependence : Methane Atmosphere (V.Common, 3d6 Damage after 1 Turn) Uses Breathing Helmet when in other atmospheres) [-35]
    Racial Psych : Paranoia (Very Common, Moderate) [-15]
    Racial Reputation : Treacherous, Cunning & Sneaky (14-) [-15]

    * These are minimum attributes, specific individuals can have much higher values
    10% of Zeck have Esper abilities (Though they hire non-Zecks to pilot Blink Ships at times)
    Zola [20] A humanoid race ranging from 1.22m to 1.85m as adults, warm blooded mammals. The Zola are natural Hermaphrodites with obvious female characteristics and concealed male genitalia. They possess very muscular legs, and have a greater muscle to fat ratio than humans do, but less bone mass. Besides this and their tail they appear much as humans do.
    Environmental Movement : 1-G
    P: Ambidexterity (No Off 'Hand' Penalties [9]
    Extra Limb : Prehensile Tail; Inherent (+1/4A) [6]
    Extra Strength : +5 [5]
    Leaping +5"; Accurate [10]
    Racial Psych : Protective of Mammalian Children (Uncommon, Strong) [-10]

    Alien Non-Humanoids

    Joad [30] The Joads are a carnivore non-humanoid race of Methane breathers. They have 2 sexes and 2 genders and produce live offspring. They are about the size of an earth Lion, walking on four powerful clawed limbs around a barrel-like torso and a squarish head with large cat-like ears, and a heavy underslung jaw with nasty teeth. They have a long, flexible tail and a spendid multi-colored luminiscent skin. They are far more intelligent then they look, and often get irritated if treated as being stupid. The Joad have only one planet, and three moon colonies in the same system. They have only been members of the council for about 5 years, after having been exploited by the Drazili for a hundred years for their home system's resources. They are interested in founding new colonies in other systems. They are often not very friendly towards the Drazili after discovering how much their government had been cheated over the decades.
    Environmental Movement : Low-G
    *STR +15 [15]
    *Body +5 [10]
    Bite : HKA 2d6 (including 1d6 for STR) [15]
    Claws : HKA 2d6 (including 1d6 for STR) [15]
    Tail : Extra Limb; Inherent (+1/4); Limited Manipulation (-1/4) [5]
    Life Support : High Radiation [2]
    Running : +4" [8]
    *Telekinesis : 20 STR (4d6); + 10pts cost for Fine Manipulation Adder (13-)[40]
    Dependence : Methane Atmosphere (V.Common, 3d6 Damage after 1 Turn)
    Uses Breathing Helmet when in other atmospheres) [-35]
    Physical Limitation : Limited Manipulation as has no hands (Always, Slightly) [-15]
    Physical Limitation : Quadruped (Always, Slightly) [-15]
    Physical Limitation : Needs to eat every 3 hours (Freq., Slightly) [-10]
    Social Limitation : Subject to Prejudice due to Appearance {Occasionally 8-, Minor) [-5]
    * These may have even higher values in some individuals.
    Q’Coatl [7 or 17] A non-humanoid race without legs or arms, the Q’Coatl appear to be feathered serpents. They are a rare race on Quartermain, since they are not as advanced technologically as the major races. It is believed that the Q’Coatl visited Earth during its primitive cultural development (or some Q’Coatl were stranded there) and gave rise to some of their Religious Mythology in the process. See Also : Q'Coatl / Rivka Society Details
    Environmental Movement : Low Gravity
    Class 2 Alien Mind [5]
    +5 INT [5]
    +5 EGO [10]
    -5 STR [-5]
    -5 BODY [-10]
    Follower, Ivka [1]
    Physical Limit : No Legs or Feet (Freq., Slightly)[-10]
    Physical Limit : Small Size, includes +6" KB (distance only)All the time, slightly [-15]
    Reputation : Powerful Espers With Inflated Sense of Self Importance (Sometimes 8-)[-5]
    Social Limit : No Ambassador (Minor, Occasionally 8-) [-5]
    Social Limit : Mistaken For Non-Sentients (Freq., Major 10+) [-15]
    Physical Limit : no hands or arms
    Either All the Time, Greatly [-20] or Frequently, Slightly if Telekinetic [-10]
    Fangs [30]
    HTH Killing 1d6 [15]
    Venom : 4d6 EB NND(+1) Fang Body attack must be Greater than Targets rPD Gradual Effect :1 Turn (-1/4L) Charges : 4 (-1L) Recovers 1/6 hrs. Linked to Fangs, non-proportional (0) No Range (-1/2L) [15]
    Scales : Armor 2 PD/ED [6]
    Small Size : Combat Skill Levels 4 DCV [20]
    Longevity : 800 Years [3]
    *Mental Awareness : Detect Mental Powers, Sense [5]
    Poison Immunity : Ophidotoxins (Serpent Venom) [3]
    *Psychic Energy Reserve : 30 END 3 REC (Concentrate throughout REC Use (-1L) Per Minute (-1/2L) Requires Background Skill (EGO): Meditation (-1/4L) [4]
    *Wings : Flight 9" Not In Vacuum (-1/4L) Restrainable (-1/4L)

    * Individuals may have greater values for these aspects
    All Species Members have some pyschic powers, which vary, and use the Psychic END reserve

    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.’s Hero System™ 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero System™ 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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