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    Within the Quartermain Universe there is a wide range of technologies co-existing, as they have developed among widely seperated cultures. There are some technologies that are closely guarded secrets (such as that of the Technomages, which are often designed to self-destruct; military secrets and Q-Corp secret processes on which their fortunes are made), some that are simply obscure or only usable by those with specific racial features, and those that are commonly seen or available for purchase from merchants in the Agora.

    Prices listed are in Q's, or where a decimal value is shown, in Chits. When applicable, Active costs are also given.


    An Industrial Ceramic material developed by Bellarian science for a protective outer skin on starships that need to withstand the heat of re-entry into atmospheres. Lightweight, Strong, heat and flame damage resistant, it has proved valuable in building construction as well, and is used on the outerwalls of much of the buildings on Quartermain, and occasionally for military combat armor. In Game Terms It acts as Resistant Armor for a wall, or on a military battlesuit, ship or vehicle and gives at 1 cm thickess an Armor +10 PD +6 ED and +20 ED (Only vs Heat/Flame -1/4L) = 48 Points (54 Active). It might be layered with other materials to enhance its strength, or be bonded to high quality steel or titanium, or be layered with other layers of Baeza. Average Cost Varies depending on what it is used on.
    Manufactureded by the DDD Corp., Cleanbots are small automated devices about the size of a small housecat. They provide regular cleaning of the floor surface in most homes and buildings, collecting refuse, lint, dust, flaked skin, lost fur, food scraps and other things that settle to ground level, and dispose of them into the recycling system. They also clean up spilled liquids, polish surfaces and attempt to remove stains. Most cleanbots work on a simple search pattern routine, following a preprogrammed route, but will avoid obstacles etc. Industrial Cleanbots are used for street cleaning and the cleaning up at industrial accident sites etc.Average cost : 5,000q
    Long Life Uniform
    Manufactured by Long Life Fashions Corp., the Uniform set can be custom fit to any humanoid species to offer maximum effectiveness and smart appearance on the job. Long Life supplies the Quartermain Sentinals, several private security agencies and technicians working with high powered equipment and construction workers. Lightweight, stretching to form fit and with optional velcro patches for insignia it comes in a variety of colors. Basic Uniform includes Pants, Jacket, Knee stockings, gloves and Soft cap. Long Life Uniforms must be dry cleaned only. 30 Active Points. [10r PD/ED Real Armor, OIF, Durable] Average Cost : 17,000q
    Infernal Rider
    Manufactured by Infernal Machines Corp. the infernal rider is a wheeled personal gyroscopic transport that can be used within the domes and can be collapsed for transport on the magnetic rail system when you need to go from one dome to another. Three models exist, but the basic mechanics are the same:
    STR 15 (5 pts)
    BODY 11 (2 pts)
    Size 1 Hex
    DEF 6 rPD/ED (8 pts)
    DEX 20 (3o pts)
    Dcv 7 (Does not Protect The Rider [-1/2 Dis.])
    SPD 4 (10 pts)

    Ground Movement 12" (12 pts) 24" non combat
    67 Active Points
    The Adelpa Model carries the operator in a standing position, and takes its movement controls by the tilt and motion of their body while holding a control bar at waist level. The Camera Model one rides in a padded seat, with a tiltable control rod, and has a small cargo basket behind the seat. The Renaro Model is ridden like an Earth 20th century motorcycle, with saddlebag cargo holders and foot pedal controls that leave the hands free. Average Cost : 13,000q
    Safety Stunner
    aka Sentinal mk 1000 Manufactured by Infernal Machines Corp. the Safety Stunner is a high quality, average cost weapon that is standard issue sidearm with the Quartermain Sentinals and many private security forces. It is fairly lightweight, easy to maintain, and has effective stopping power against the nervous systems of most species by delivering a substantial electric jolt. The rechargable internal battery holds 12 charges, and it comes with a secure storage box that serves as a recharger working from ordinary home current. It requires no maintenance. 50 Active Points. [10d6 Electric EB, 12 chgs, Durable, OAF] Average Cost : 22,000q
    Sonic Shower
    A number of companies produce sonic shower units. These are common on many starships and in facilities where water is in short supply and recycling of it is absolutely manditory, although they can also be found in many efficiency apartments in Quarermain as they take less effort to install and maintain than standard water based showers and baths. Sonic showers are also popular with some species that have issues with water related cleansing. Average cost varies depending on facility needs. If you have an efficiency apartment you probably got one of these when you moved in as part of the facilities.
    Wall Terminal
    Found in most apartments, homes, hotels and in many convient public establishments, the wall terminal is a sturdy flat screened device that acts as a combination entertainment viewer, music player, communicator (voice and/or video), basic email service access point and computer terminal. Generally they are equipped with payment facilities and allow standard access to the public net at a low fee (though if you have computer link access from work you should be able to use the terminal with your ID to allow you to charge your employer instead of you). A variety of models, sizes and options (Touch screen, voice control, privacy headset linkage etc) are available depending on what you wish to spend. Cost for fancier models varies depending on desired options. Normal cost is 1 Q per hour of usage for publicnet.
    Whistler Gun There are several models of the Whistler Gun, a sonic attack weapon designed to incapacitate one or more assailants with minimal damage to them or their surroundings. Average cost : 26,000q Game Values As Below:
    OAF (Durable) 12 Charges (-1/4) No Knockback (-1/4) Does Not Work in a Vaccum (-1/4) 60 Point Multipower with Two Ultra Slots:
    Slot #1: Sonic EB : 6d6 Area Effect Cone (+1) Stun Only (60A 2R)
    Slot #2: Sonic EB: 12d6 One Individual Target Per Shot (60A 2R)
    The Whistler is produced by the
    Semorex Corporation.

    Uncommon Technology Of Note

    Blink Drives
    The most widely known of Zeck technology, the blink drive is still fairly rare. It is the only ship drive capable of propelling a vessel into T-Space without a gate, but it requires a Living Psionic (Esper) Teleporter to operate it successfully.
    Telepathic Jammer
    An electronic device that can detect and protect the wearer from being affected by Telepathic Powers (including Telepathy, Mind Control, Mental Illusions, and Mind Scanning) has been developed by several governments for their Diplomats to prevent the loss of valuable secrets, prevent unfair negotiation tactics, or manipulating the outcome of Grand Council decisions. These tend to be expensive, are not 100% effective, and usually limited to use by an individual. Ventri are known to have this technology and it has moved in their culture into the hands not just of the government but of the wealthier upper class, usually worn as a decorative collar. Its possible a few of these may fall into the hands of non-Ventri characters in a large trading port like Quartermain. In Game Terms: 35 Active Points. [Mental Awareness (5A); Mental Defense +30 (30A) OIF, durable (-1/2L)] Average Cost : 23,000q

    Non-Existent Technology

    Certain concepts and Technology Ideas are not possible under the current information known to the races found on Quartermain. Some are impossible for various reasons, others are too unstable to be exploited. These include:

    Things Of The Past

    Fingerprints are no longer used as an identification system, as they proved not to exist or be unique with a large number of the species in the Quartermain Universe. The same proved true of retina scanning techniques (this became apparent even faster as it was proved in the 21st century that retinas could be duplicated and that they changed over the years as a person grew older).

    DNA sequencing is no longer used as an identification method, as advanced genetic engineering, cloning and other maniupulation methods proved them unreliable and forgable.

    Cold Fusion

    The quest for a cold fusion reaction, as begun on Earth in its 20th century, turned out to be a scientific impossibility, as was realized within a few decades of research.
    Mind Emulation
    The ability to record the full knowledge, personality, memory etc of a sentient mind into a machine or computer of any sort is not possible with existing technology. It is not possible to thus record information from a dead or dying brain, "transfer" a living biochemical someone from a body into an android body, or in any way create a digital replicant of an individual. Some religions point to this incapability as proof that there is a 'Soul' and that Cylphs have no Souls since they can be transferred from one machine to another. Even creating a machine that can perform the functions of a Telepath is belived outside of current technology potential.

    Dry Molecular Nanotechnology

    Nanoscale robots working at a molecular level to assemble objects or devices is not possible in setting.

    So called "Wet" nanotechnology, consisting of laboratory designed viruses that can be injected into a living body and using the bodies resources to modify, reproduce or kill cells is possible, but extremely complex and often must be custom made for a specific species. (It is rumored that the Technomages may have come up with methods of producing more universal viral nanotech that can cross species lines, but this remains unproven to the population and certainly not in regular use in the setting).

    Room Temperature Superconductors

    These are not available, being a technological dead end as they are not economically feasible, too fragile and generally unstable for any kind of real applications.

    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.ís Hero Systemô 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero Systemô 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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