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Who Are We In Quartermain?


Quartermain is designed to be a large canvas, begining small, as the details of a single small world, and expanding outward to the rest of the Solar System and the many worlds beyond in it's universe.

Special Campaign Information

  • Who Are We In The Setting?
  • Additional Skills In Quartermain
  • Free Everyman Skills List
  • Special Physics Notes
  • Team Specialist Packages
  • Special Notes From The GM
  • Humans, Deltas & Alien Packages
  • Template For Alien Cultures
  • World of Quartermain
  • Laws, Rules & Regulations
  • Q-Corps of Importance
  • Unusual Flora & Fauna
  • As GM I decided that there was a need for some direction for the start of the campaign and the first player characters that brings the characters together and gives them a good reason to know each other, to be involved in the same group of storylines and to associate with each other on a regular basis. Past experience has shown that it is best to offer some structure to character creation and concepts and potential story direction at the start. This is a starting point, and later characters and campaigns may take the setting into other directions (in my hands or those of other GMs).

    Guardians Gather!

    All PCs (Player Characters) are starting as new members of the Planetary Guardians for Quartermain. They are officially a Rapid Response & Rescue Unit (one of five such units) that is non-uniformed and answerable to the bureaucrat known as “The Director”. Their official Designation is that of a "Special Agent"

    They handle a range of non-standard duties that are outside the scope of the standard security functions of the normal uniformed guardians (who they officially outrank). They keep contraband out, make sure smuggling rings are broken, serve arrest warrants, assist in medical emergencies, help in search and rescue situations (inside and outside the domes), do limited undercover work, etc. They are on call to duty, as needed, at all times. Thus all get the Social Limitation Disadvantage Subject To Orders (Frequently 11-, Major Risk) for 20 Points.

    PCs may be human, modified human, artificial humanoid, sentient animal (via modification/ genetic experimentation) or various aliens. No Energy Beings, Silicon Based Life Forms, immobile entities, or entities unable to be active in an Oxygen atmosphere (independently or with artificial assistance). It’s not that these may not exist, but they would not be suitable for recruitment by the Guardians.

    All members should have the Perks Local Police Powers (+2) and Concealed Weapon Permit (+2).

    They Also Get the standard set of Free Everyman Skills at 8- for the setting.

    Each PC must fill a Team Specialist category, by taking a specialist training package. These packages are as follows, including the limit on how many of each can be on a team. Players must peacefully decide among themselves who will fill each category. The listed costs on the next page is for the basic package, and skills may be bought higher if desired.

    Interrogation & Profiling Specialist (1)
    Legal & Diplomatic Liaison (1)
    Medical Specialist (1)
    Neutralization Specialist (1 or 2)
    Scientific Specialist (1 per specialty)
    Surveillance & Research Specialist (1-2)
    Team Coordinator & Logistics Specialist (1 Must Be On The Team!)

    Interrogation & Profiling Specialist  [+20]                      
    	Interrogation (+1)			5	   
    	Conversation				3		     
    	Deduction				3		    
    	Persuasion				3		     
    	SS: Psychology (INT)			2		     
    	Seduction (+2)				4		     
    Legal & Diplomatic Liaison          [+24]
    	PS: Lawyer (INT)	   		2
    	Bureaucratics				3
    	Oratory					3
    	Persuasion				3
    	Trading                       		3
    	Xeno Etiquette (PRE,+2)    		7
    	Computer Link : Court Records		3
    Medical Specialist              		[+20]                                                         
    	Paramedics (+2)				7		     
    	SS: Xenobiology	(Int)			2		     
    	Forensic Medicine 			3		      
    	SS: Pharmacology 			2		      
    	Defense Maneuver I			3		      
    	Computer Link : Medical Records		3		      
    Neutralization Specialist 	    [+25]
    	Demolitions			 	3
    	Tactics (+2)				7
    	Teamwork (+2)			 	7
    	WF: Common Energy Weapons     		2	
    	WF: Common Melee Weapons      		2	
    	WF: Common Missile Weapons    		2
    	WF: Small Arms	      			2
    Scientific Specialist  	    [+20]           
    	Science Skill (INT, +3)			5		     
    	Science Skill (INT)			2		     
    	KS: Research (Int)			2		     
    	Computer Programming			3		     
    	Fringe Benefit : Lab Access		2		     
    	Analyze Technology			3		     
    	Computer Link: Science Library		3		     	
    Surveillance & Research Specialist 	[+34] 
    	Bugging					3
    	Concealment				3
    	Criminology				3	
    	KS: Research (INT, +2)  		4      
    	Security Systems			3
    	Shadowing				3
    	Stealth (+2)				7
    	Computer Link : ID Records		5
    	Computer Link : Sec. Cameras	 	3
    Team Coordinator & Logistics Specialist  [+33]							
    	Analyze : Combat Style    		3	
    	Cramming				5
    	Persuasion				3
    	PS: Administration (Int, +2)		4	
    	Conversation(+2)			4
            Tactics 				3
    	Teamwork (+2)				7		
    	Computer Link : Criminal Records	3
    	Computer Link : Team Records		1                   

    Legal Notice:

    Guardians of Quartermain is an outline of an unofficial science fiction setting for DOJ, Inc.’s Hero System™ 5th Edition (ISBN 1-58366-000-3). It requires the use of the Hero System™ 5th Edition rule book. It is not in any way authorized by DOJ, Inc. nor is it intended to in any way infringe on their copyrights or trademarks. Contents are Copyright 2002 by Joseph Teller & Kiralee McCauley. Permission is granted for all non-commercial usage and duplication, in part or in full. All other usage requires written permission by the authors.

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