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  • Preface:

    Humanity spent centuries after reaching Earthís lone moon trying to decide if their home world was the only inhabited planet in its Galaxy. After they had established their first few inter-system colonies, and having spent a long time listening for broadcast signals from nearby stars they had concluded that they were indeed alone.

    Then in 2253 this belief was shattered. In an L5 style orbit position, around the gas giant known as Jupiter, they encountered an artifact that could only be of alien origin. This equilateral triangular object proved to be a technological wonder built more than 5000 years before, and had laid dormant for most of its existence during the years since the development of telescopes by humanity. They spent sixteen years studying it, trying to decode its purpose and meaning. Trying to decipher the meaning of the strange symbols and unusual controls attached to it.

    When the first scout ship came thru the triangle they realized their concepts of physics and the universe in general needed adjustment. They were not alone, they were not limited to where their clumsy ships could propel them at half the speed of light, and they were not as superior a race as they believed they had crafted their gene pool to become. There was a whole Galaxy of beings out there, and wherever an Avatarís gateway orbited a gas giant, it was possible to reach.

    Now its 2355 CE by the Earth Calendar, and mankind has expanded out to the stars, and joined the member worlds of the Grand Council of Diplomacy. The Council is intended to keep the Universe collapsing into chaos and anarchy, to prevent war and encourage peaceful trade and co-existence between all its member worlds.

    The Council currently uses for its seat of power Quartermain, an independent multi-species domed city built on a frozen moon in orbit of a Gas Giant which holds in itís L5 position a Transit Gate (or T-Gate) that is one of the four known main hub-gateways linking numerous inhabited star systems.

    Enchiridion of Quartermain

    Star System Notes:

    Star Type: G1-V
    Planets : 8
    Moons : 20
    Colonies : 1 (Quartermain)

    Quartermain (Moon of the 4th planet)

    Gravity : 0.25 G.
    Diameter : 2,150 miles
    Mass : 0.0130 Earth Masses
    Atmosphere : minimal outside the domes
    Length Of Day (Rotational Period): 21.1 hours
    Population : 2 million (non-native)

    The half-way point platform along the Space Elevator. Aerie serves as an emergency station, supply hold, maintenance station, and security point along the elevator's cable. It has a permanent staff, housing and facilities for that staff, and accommodations for upto five hundred or so guests in a luxury hotel style.
    African Union Of States
    The government that controls the African continent and parts of what is commonly called the Middle East on Earth. The poorest of the Earth governments, it has yet to build colonies in space, and has problems with internal strife among its states. They have managed to set up a small embassy on Quartermain, but have little in the way of a presence among the alien worlds otherwise.
    One of the eight domes of Quartermain, the Agora is directly linked by magnetic railway tubes to Archon, Harmony and Tranquillity. Agora is the main commercial business district of Quartermain, containing shops, resteraunts & refreshment houses, entertainment venues, visitor housing, medical facilities, some public recreational facilities, and housing for many of the people that work here. See also : Popular Places In The Agora
    A representative of a civilization who sits on the Grand Council of Diplomacy and occupies an Ambassadorial Suite on Quartermain. Ambassadors have diplomatic immunity from all lesser crimes on Quartermain, but are subject to Council Law. Their Ambassadorial Suites are sovereign territory of their civilization and are exempt from search warrants, Guardian intrusion or zoning rules. Each Ambassador has an official docking bay on the Orbital Platform where a personal transport vessel and up to three other small ships (such as courier craft or escort fighters) may be stored and maintained.
    American Union of States
    The name for the regional territory and government on Earth that covers all the Northern and Southern American Continents. It also controls the colony on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, and several orbitibal space colonies around Earth itself (and two mining colonies in the Asteroid Field between Mars and Jupiter). It remains fairly aggressive towards its neighbors and aliens, though it has lost some of it's "superpower" status in recent decades because of economic problems and internal strife.

    The Vision

    When the Grand Council conceived the idea of establishing Quartermain it was to prevent a devistating war between the many species and worlds over possession of the T-Gate. If any one group controlled the gate they could conceivably control the destiny and freedom of all the worlds. Rather than trust any one species or world to control the gate, it was decided that the council as a whole would hold control over it to prevent it being exploited for profit or agression.

    The Bellarians had originally discovered the system, and had laid claim to its planets and T-Gate, but saw the wisdom in avoiding mass bloodshed over it's potential value very early on after a confrontation with the Drazili before it could be colonized.

    The Bellarians were chosen to design the layout and biosphere properties of the domes, as it was felt that their tendency to be perfectionists would result in the most livable domes city possible to take into account the needs of all the various species involved. They also acted as the coordinators and long-term visionaries to keep the entire project on track over many years.

    The Tarn, Grell and Drazili provided the technology designs of the various major environmental support systems of the domes. The Ormos, Zeck and the Kareen handled the organizing of the data systems and security procedures. The rest was designed and put into organizational operation by the Grand Council, including the setting up of the non-profit Council regulated and overseen corporation that manages the day to day operations of Quartermain and the star system it exists within.

    Architecture of Quartermain
    The original buildings of Quartermain were built and laid out according to the Bellarian concepts of beauty, space utility, and the environmental support system needs in mind. They are much taller towards the center of the dome, and extend downward in a Tier structure, so that those nearest the outer edge of the domes are shortest in most of the domes (this is not true in Tranquility, Charon or Providence, as they are built with more open space areas and less structures). They are primarily built with outer shells made of Baeza, an Industrial Ceramic Material that is known for its strength, and resistance to heat and flame damage. Rooftops are mostly designed as flat surfaces and the majority feature landscapped garden spaces with plants (including small trees and hedges) known for their ability to help with reducing airborne pollutions and assist in keep oxygen production high for the general biosphere qualities involved. Spinkler systems are set up in all these garden areas that are under master control of the City Systems, to ensure a reasonable level of humidity and growth potential for the plants.

    Since the original construction, many additional buildings have been created, and existing one's modified, by the various Q-Corps and other occupants, but more than 70% of the original Bellarian planned construction is in place in the domes, giving a distinct feel and combination of utility, beauty and nature throughout the city.

    The first dome of Quartermain that new arrivals will encounter, as it is linked to the Space Elevator that goes to the orbiting platform where ships dock. Archon is 50 km south of the populated domes, and is connected by underground magnetic rail. Quartermain's ordinary security forces (aka Public Sentinals have their main offices, barracks, armory and training facilities in this dome. One of the two Prison facilities for the justice system is also found in this dome (the other is in Diversity.) Civilian facilities are extremely limited in this dome, and housing available is primarily for workers associated with the Space Platform. Guardians are not housed here, except during their training.
    Asian Alliance
    The human government that controls most of Continental Asia on Earth, as well as the Lunar Colonies.
    A lightweight public hovercraft that comfortably seats two passengers and a small amount of cargo. Carriages are open topped, and controlled by a simple front tiller handle with two power buttons. They travel at a maximum speed of 20 kph and utilize an electric engine. Carriages are the main personal powered means to travel in the domes, and a small fee is paid in coin for each trip. Private ownership of Carriages is not generally available, but most embassies have their own (usually a different color then the public ones, and with the Flag or emblem of the government that owns it). Larger carriages are available to Q-Corp officials, including one's design to carry security personnel, to provide medical assistance, that hold up to 6 passengers and/or cagro etc. They have a maximum travel height of 2 meters.
    The Eighth dome of Quartermain, Charon is the only dome not currently connected to the rest, and lies 70 km West of the rest of the domes. Charon is inhabited by only a few caretakers and some religious functionaries, as it is where all the dead are brought for burial, cremation, or other funerary rights. Charon has a small launchpad, from which funerary ships may be launched into the sun or into the depths of space, unlike the rest of the domes. It can only be reached otherwise by surface vehicles. Some facilitory buildings have been constructed for various religious needs.
    The term humans use to denote a Delta-sapien which consists of an Animal into which human DNA has been introduced to create expanded intelligence, awareness, memory, or other functions. Chimera appear most like their animal genetic heritage, and have few legal rights on Earth or most of the human colony worlds. Chimera, unlike other Deltas, are allowed on earth so long as they have less than 30% human DNA included in their gene makeup. If they have 20% or more then they are considered by law to be officially Deltasapiens and must follow the existing rules regarding such, but are covered under the Treaty of Tokyo and given more legal rights as true sentients.
    See Q's and Chits
    aka Cybernetic Living Phantom Term used for a sentient computer software entity. Whether Cylphs have legal rights is one of the hotly debated arguments among the Grand Council, and so they are at present a definite minority in Quartermain in regards to how they are treated. Many live lives bound to a specific machine (this includes most androids) or with hard coded data sections that bind their loyalty and services to a specific entity or corporation. Many cultures refuse to accept their sentience as being 'real' and thus feel they deserve no rights, that they are just intellectual property, even though they are capable of learning, emotions, re-writing their own code, personalities, etc. Among humans the majority have decided they have no rights, they are property, and their legal system shows this. Bellarians, on the other hand, accept their sentience and even extend citizenship to those that originated on worlds they have colonized or share with other races (those with such citizenship are legally protected on Quartermain under the Sanctuary Laws, much to the irritation of humans and other opposing races). Player character Cyphys should be rare, and require GM permission to introduce.
    Delta-Sapien or Delta
    The polite term among humans for anyone of genetically altered human stock. The impolite term is Hybrids denoting the fact that many of the beings involved have a mix of human and animal or alien DNA included in their genes. Most Deltas are the result of in-vito genetic manipulation, though a few are the result of gene replacement therapies developed in the last few decades and performed on pre-adolescents. Most Deltas are generally required to leave Earth by the age of 20. See also: Esper, Kent, Manticore, and Chimera.
    One of the Eight Domes of Quartermain, Diversity is directly magentic rail tube linked to Enlightenment and Providence . Diversity is specially designed to handle special atmosphere needs for various aliens species, and contains diplomatic embassies for those races with such special needs. It's structures are also equiped with artificial gravity simulation devices for those who need to spend most of their time under different conditions than provided by Quartermain's other domes. Diversity includes residential, commercial, diplomatic, educational and medical facilities on a smaller but far more expensive scale to provide for its residents and vistors. It also has a small shuttle facility that provides regular transport to the space platform without need to travel thru the rest of the Domes, and a surface vehicle facility for access to Charon.
    Domes of Quartermain
    All life forms on Quartermain are imported, and inhabit the enclosed biosphere domes. There are eight domes in all that form the settlement. Each dome is aprox. 10 km across and 5 km at it's zenith. Six of the domes are laid out as a unified hexagon, about 10 km apart, connected by tunnels and a sealed transit magnetic rail system. The Seventh dome, Archon, is some 50 km South from the rest, and is also connected by rail. It is further away because it connects to the Space Elevator that leads to the orbiting platform that acts as a space dock for Quartermain and the extra distance from the rest of the habitation domes is for safety reasons. The Eighth dome, Charon, lies 70 km to the West of the rest and is not currently connected by the rail system, requiring the use of surface vehicles to reach.
    One of the eight domes of Quartermain, it is directly magentic railway tube linked to the domes of Harmony and Diversity. Enlightenment features the main campus of the University, Places of Worship, Major Medical Facilities, Parks, Atheletic Facilities, Housing for Students, Teachers, and Support Staff.
    The term by humans to denote a Delta-Sapien or non-human who's genetic heritage has granted them advanced mental or bio-physical abilities that can be manifested at will. This includes abilities such as Telekinesis, Telepathy, Bio-Manipulation, Electrokinesis, etc. This is to seperate them in classification from those Deltas and aliens who have abilities that do not require an effort of will to utilize (such as those genetically modified for heavier gravity, althletic prowness, disease resistance etc.)

    Esper's on Earth are generally feared even more than other Delta-Sapiens since they can look identical to normal humans and are thus more difficult to detect. In some other species cultures Espers are venerated, or considered superior to normal stock (or in a few are the normal racial stock) while in a rare few others they are reacted to in the same way as humans do. On Earth being an Esper has some social stigma attached.

    See Also : Esper Information File
    European Union
    The Earth government that controls most of the European Continent (except France) and Terraformed Mars. Like the other Human governments it has an ambassador on Quartermain.
    The sole sovereign nation remaining on Earth, having departed from the European Union during the mid-21st century. They have their own Ambassador, like each of the Earth Unions and colonies, who can often be persuaded to vote against the other Human Ambassadors in Council. France is the sole Earth government that does not have laws exiling Espers (and did not sign the Treaty of Tokyo), but they don't have Chimeras or allow the creation or importation of them into their territories. France has a single colony, New France, on Jupiter's moon of Europa.
    See Also : New French
    Grand Council of Diplomacy
    Organized in Earth year 2300, and meeting on Quartermain since 2310, the Grand Council is an attempt to reduce war, expand trade and provide an alternative to Darwinian effects on culture and civilization. Each starfaring civilization has a chosen ambassador on the council, and has an Ambassadorial Embassy Complex that is treated as sovereign territory of their civilization. The dome designated as Harmony contains most of the facilities and embassy complexes. The Humans actually occupy several seats on the council, since they have several civilizations (five
    Grentavas (Planet)
    Grentavas is the original Grell homeworld, and is ruled by a Conservative Technocratic Aristocracy, with about fifty corporate family heads who meet monthly to guide the future of the people.
    Gypsy Freighter
    Generally any non-military spacecraft that has neither a Government or Q-Corp registry that travels the T-Gates, including those that specifically carry cargo or passengers without the protection or regulation by specific governments. Gypsy Freighters are bound by Council Law (aka Intergalactic Law) but occupy a risky and sometimes highly profitable niche. They pay no taxes to specific worlds, and get no assistance in dealing with Pirates or hostile governments in many places, but can carry cargos that many others will not, for a price. A collection of such ships are sometimes called a Gypsy Caravan. Gypsy Freighter owners have no Ambassador protection on Quartermain, but may use its facilities under the rules of sanctuary, so long as the individuals are not wanted criminals or their cargo does not violate Quartermain Laws. Most Gypsy Freighters are Free Traders, though some may be refugees of political oppression or minor criminals from a specific government.
    One of the eight Domes of Quartermain. Harmony has magentic rail tube service linking it directly to the domes of Agora and Enlightenment. Harmony is the dome where Grand Council of Diplomacy is situated, including the various embassy complexes, meeting facilities, broadcast facilities, residences for diplomatic staff etc. The Guardians have their main facilities in this Dome.
    The common term used by many folks for a human or other sentients who has had technological devices implanted into their body, usually with a direct brain interface. Imp technology varies considerably, and some very powerful hardware can be implanted in this manner and concealed from most detection devices. Some races, like the Bellarians, feel the Imps are abominations, while others have no problem with the concept at all (so imps end up with some social disadvantages). Some Imps become more machine like in their personalities, others may have psychological problems, some have dependencies on drugs to keep their bodies from rejecting the implants, and some simply have the interfaces and link up with external hardware as needed.
    Karvana (Planet)
    Karvana is the youngest of the Grell Worlds, and is an Expansive Militaristic Society.
    The common term for a Delta-Sapien that does not fall into the category of a Chimera, Esper or Manticore. Kent's have only human DNA in their makeup, and have generally been tweaked for optimized physical and mental performance, or for resistance to certain diseases and conditions that occur in normal human stock. Kent's are considered Delta-Sapiens in Earth's American Union of States and the Asian Union of States, subject to treatment as such under their laws, but are not considered Delta-Sapiens in the European Union, Pacific Union, African Union, or France and can live in those territories as if normal humans. Kent's have the normal Human Maxima Limitation
    The L-5 Lagrangian libration points are points of gravitational equilibrium located on a Moon's orbit at equal distances from both the Planet it orbits and the Moon. An object placed in orbit around L-5 will remain there indefinitely without having to expend fuel to keep it in position. The orbit around Earth's L-5 has an average radius of about 90,000 miles, which leaves room for a very large number of space settlements even at this one location. The L-5 of Quartmain and the gas giant it orbits is much smaller, but more than sufficient for the T-Gate and the satellites used to moniter and protect it from hostile action.
    Languages of Quartermain
    Language is one of the great barriers that exist between the various species that live on and pass thru Quartermain. Public signage is generally done with electronics, linked into computers which cycle thru the same message over a series of written and/or spoken tongues, but which doesn't actually handle translating the material. Most residents will learn at least one other language beside their own, and in recent years it has been encouraged that this be either Bellarian (known for its clarity of meaning, as no word in Bellarian has more than a single meaning) or one of the Seven most common human tongues (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindustani, Russian or Japanese). This is because most translators working on Quartermain are human, and nearly all are trained in several of their own tongues which have similarities to those of other species language groups (though in some cases this is to some of the more obscure languages and dialects). Bellarian is the most frequently learned 'alien' tongue among humans at the present time.It is HIGHLY recommended that Player Characters in a group share at least one common language between them to make game play easier.
    Lake Joy
    An artificial lake located in Tranquillity Dome built to provide recreational activity, community, and improved decour to the dome. Lake Joy is one and half Kilometers across and circular, occupying the very center of the dome, providing lounging space, and swimming area for intererested species. It is only about 10 meters deep at its deepest point, freshwater, and is stocked with non-aggressive water plants and small fish that help to filter and maintain its miniture biosphere. It also helps maintain the dome's humidity level by evaporation, and has a slow trickle feed of mildly warm water that feeds into it from the Providence Dome processing facilities.
    Laws, Rules & Regulations
    See : Laws, Rules & Regulations Important On Quartermain
    A common term used to describe a Delta Human who has had Animal or Alien DNA included in their genetic makeup, rather than simply modifying existing genetic material or implanting specific human genetic materials. Manticores often have obvious non-human physical attributes, and may have personality traits associated with such as well. Manticores are the most feared of Hyperions on Earth, since they are less human appearing, though Espers with Telepathic ability are also feared.
    The Office of Incorporation is located in HarmonyDome and handles the registration, licensing, fees and regulation enforcement of the Q-Corp laws. Their inspection and enforcement agents are often call "Q-Cops" or "Q-Snoops" in common reference. The Office answers to the Grand Council, and may request assistance in enforcement from the Guardians when handling problems with Q-Corps.
    Pacific Union
    The Earth government that controls the continent of Austrailia, most of the Pacific Island territories, and areas that in the 20th century included Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and part of the Western Asian Continent. The Pacific Union also controls the Orbitibal City of New Tokyo, a number of mining colonies in the Asteroid belt.
    Power System
    The primary source of energy for Quartermain is a series of Solar Collector Farms which cover many miles of the moon's surface, with cabling running in underground maintenance tunnels to Providence, Charon, and Arkon. Additionally a Hydrogen Fusion Generator lies in a deep underground facility in the area central to the main circle of domes which is fed it's fuel from Providence. The Generator is a high security area, kept under constant guard.
    One of the Eight Domes of Quartermain, Providence connects by magnetic rail tube directly to Diversity and Tranquility domes. Providence is largely an Agricultural facility, providing fresh foods consumed on Quartermain. It also is home to the water treatment plant (where water is melted off from the underground frozen sea that lies beneath the moon's surface; and waste water is recycled from the other domes), the sewage recycling plant and the power station where the electricity generated by the planetary solar generators and orbitibal satellites is received, stored and distributed as needed to the rest of Quartermain's domes. The population here is very small, primarily consisting of the maintenance staff, Agricultural experts, a small security staff and their immediate families.
    Q's and Chits
    Quartermain being a major trading port has a lot of different kinds of currency pass thru its trade system, and also has its own system which is 90% electronic and 10% Hard Currency. The main value is known simply as a 'Q', which breaks into 100 lesser units (Chits, often represented as a decimal value). Player characters can exchange 1000 Q's for 1 Character Point in game mechanics. If characters manage to make their money expand or contract from their actions then they are allowed to use these profits to buy character points (but losses are just that and may slow growth since they may drain future earnings... aka Credit Debt.)
    See Also : Important Q-Corps
    An assistant or servant to a Technomage/Magician.
    See Also : Ratna in the Technomage File.
    A tracked sealed environment vehicle used for transport across the surface of the moon of Quatermain outside the domes. Rovers use hydrogen fuel cells, and are capable of about 80 kph maximum speed. There are about a hundred Rovers, and all are equiped with an airlock, designed to carry up to 8 passengers, and eqipped for transport, maintenance and search/rescue work on the surface. An extra large Rover, of which 6 exist, called a "Processional Rover" is used for transporting funeral parties, tour parties and occasional cargo between Charon and Diversity (They can carry up to 30 passengers and 5 tons of cargo).
    Security Fence
    A micro-weave plastic fence equipped with effective electro-stunning current, which delivers an effective (8d6) electrical energy discharge on contact with its surface. Most are designed with a 6 second timer so that after discharging there is time for the contactee to be removed to prevent long term injury. Security fences are used generally to prevent unlawful entry to an area, usually on a temporary basis. They cannot be easily bypassed or short circuited.
    Selinous is the second oldest Grell world, and is ruled by the heads of the local religious majority in a Socialistic system.
    An apparently vanished race of sentients, who are credited as the creators of the T-Gate system found throughout the Galaxy. They left few artifacts or ruins besides the gates, though the ruins of two small outpost colonies have been found that have revealed at least a few details about their culture. It is believed that they were extremely long lived, and may have influenced the development of several sentient species they did encounter by providing them knowledge or technology to advance to the stars. They apparently died out from a loss of fertility among their members, and the last known contact with them was some 5,000 Earth Years in the Past.

    They are believed to be humanoid hairless mammals, but their culture did not believe in recording their physical appearance (possibly a religious taboo) or that of any race or animal species that they encountered. Their langauge was complex, and has not yet been fully translated by any of the current races.

    aka Skimship A ship designed to deal with high gravity and equipped with a complex ram-scoop device to skim the outer atmosphere of a Gas Giant to collect hydrogen and other useful gases to process for spacecraft fuel. Many Skimmers are remote controlled units, although some with real pilots or Cylph operators are used. Quatermain does not allow the use of Skimships by any foreign nations or corporations within it's system, but does maintain a pair of such ships for its own fleet (though they are not used often).
    Space Elevator
    The Space Elevator is the primary method of moving cargo and passengers from the orbital Space Platform and Quartermain, connecting to the Arkon Dome. Arkon is built at some distance from the rest of the city in order to reduce potential damage to the single dome if the elevator was to become damaged or collapse from an unexpected astronomical incident, spacecraft traffic accident or an attack. The Cable system of the elevator is built with safety in mind, and is capable of handling a maximum of 10 tons of cargo per travel car, with 300 cars (150 traveling in each direction at a time). It takes 4 days to travel from Arkon to the platform (at a speed of approx. 300km per hour) or from the platform to Arkon (Passenger cargo cars are equipped to allow travel in comfort and to deal with all normal bodily needs). The elevator, although somewhat inconvient in regards to travel time, is far less stressful then using a shuttlecraft or a ship landing on the surface, and much less expensive in energy usage.
    Space Platform
    The orbital Space Platform of Quartermain is connected to the great space Elevator cable that reaches to Arkon and acts as the main means to transport passengers and cargo to the city of Quartermain. It is a major docking station, capable of handling (including refueling, maintenance and repair) upto 200 long range starships at once. It has some 100 short range single operator Combat & Rescue spacecraft permanently stationed there, a dozen long range shuttlecraft, two Skimmers, and three dozen Cylph controlled short range repair and maintenance craft. It has numerous facilities, including a large hotel, customs office, security staffing etc. The Staff of the platform normally numbers around 2,000 individuals (but this may be doubled if necessary), and it can accomodate upto 5,000 oxygen breathing guests living there short term. The Space Platform also acts as command and control station for a wide range of satellites (Observation, Defensive, Navigational, Communication, etc.) throughout the Star System, including those in orbit near the T-Gate, the other moons of the Gas Giant and those around Taberna.
    Streets Of Quartermain
    Most of the city, with the exceptions of Charon, Providence and Diversity, is laid out with a simple set of circular streets intersected by spoke-like roads that extend from the very center of the dome and out to the edges in uniform spacing. Naming was not left in Bellarian control, so the streets and roads are named in a mixture of languages and ideas as to what is appropriate in each dome.
    Taberna (Planet)
    Third planet from the sun in the star system that Quartermain exists in, Taberna is smaller than Earth, larger than Mars, and has an Oxygen-Nitrogen atmosphere sufficient to breathe safely except on the highest of its mountains. It has two small moons and fresh and salt water seas. Presently it is a protectorate of Quartermain, due to some ruins on the largest continent that are being examined by Xeno-archaeologists. There is no other signs of current sentient lifeforms, though there is a large amount of plantlife and small animal life.
    A society of performers, entertainers, problem solvers, consultants and advisors who utilize advanced secret technology that resembles the effects of magic. It requires great training to be a technomage, especially in scientific and technology fields, and they have their own code of honor etc. They are far rarer than Espers, and often are feared by the less technologically advanced races.
    See Also : The Technomages File
    AKA Transit Gate or Transit Triangle. These are artifacts of a now vanished race, known as the Sindarians. The newest of these date back some 5000 Earth Years, the oldest known ones are some 8000 years old. The gates are aways found in systems with a gas giant, usually in an L-5 position with the planet and one of it's moons. They are always in the shape of an equilateral triangle, and vary in size from about 2 kilometers to each side up to 5 kilometers to a side. The mechanics that control them are in a sealed chamber attached to the side closest to the gas giant, and when this chamber has been tampered with the gates inevitably self destruct, leaving the science of how they work largely unknown.

    It is believed that T-Gates draw off Hydrogen from the Gas Giants they are in orbit to power their operation, and that they are thus a finite resource dependent on the availability of such fuel.

    Type Alpha T-Gates tend to be of the smaller size, and more limited in design, as they allow transit only to one other specific Gate (normally a Type Beta). These require simply a transmission on the correct electromagnetic frequency to be directed at their control chamber to activate, and have a window of opening that lasts for about 90 minutes by Earth time reconing. The Gate in Jupiter Orbit is a Type Alpha.

    Type Beta T-Gates are larger, and require a specific binary numeric code transmitted on one of eight possible frequencies to activate. Type Beta T-Gates open a transit corridor between themselves and another gate that is designated by the numeric code value. Exactly how many gates are connected to each gate is unknown, and some numbers fail to open a corridor, perhaps sign of no longer functioning or destroyed gates in some star systems. Quartermain has a Type Beta T-Gate, one of four such gates that have been mapped and the only one that connects to all the other Type Beta T-Gates.

    No radio transmissions can be sent or received thru T-Space in any form, limiting communication between star systems to that which can be transported by vehicles passing thru gates.

    Common name for the Special Conflict Training Facility at the Sentinal Academy in Arkon. Called such because it is an old section of buildings (about 1 Km sq.) that have been cleared out and refurbished for conflict situation training for Sentinals and Guardians and thus resembles to some extent an Earth old-American West Ghost Town. The facility includes sophisticated traps, environmental manipulation devices and sophisticated tools to test officers as well as to allow tracking and scoring of their abilities in a number of categories. Generally it is cut off from computer linkage with the rest of Quartermain on purpose, to avoid problems, but does have a functional underground rail stop for access. The entire facility is surrounded with a security fence.
    One of the Eight Domes of Quartermain, Tranquility is directly rail linked to Agora and Providence and contains long term residential housing for oxygen breathers.
    Treaty Of Tokyo
    The Human document signed in their year 2250 ending the Great Delta War, which involved all the major political constructs of the planet (except France which had remained neutral thru the war). This document established the limitations on the creation, habitation and rights of Chimera, Manticores, Espers, and other Delta Sapients on Earth, and was the last "World War" that the Humans have known on their home planet. Political and economic pressure was put on France afterwards and it eventually signed the "Radeon Accords" in 2260, which placed its Manticores and Chimeras into a similar legal position as the Treaty. France continued to allow Kents and Espers full rights of habitation, and has had at least three Heads of State who themselves were Kents in the past century, and political pressure from the other political constructs has faded over time.
    AKA The Great Void or Sindarian Space or Upper Continuum. The Higher dimensional space that can be accessed thru T-Gates and some Esper indviduals. T-Space appears to normal light frequency appearances to be an empty void, but is is a void with gravitational currents and thru which pass certain kinds of energy (Tachyons, X-Rays, Cosmic Rays and various forms of negative energy particles have been detected emitting from T-Gates and by vessels passing thru T-Space).

    Once a vessel has entered into T-Space via a T-Gate they will generally have no contact with any normal space features, nor with other vehicles or objects passing thru the corridor. Movement appears to be constant, no matter if the vehicle has propulsion systems engaged or not. Matter expelled from a vessel while in T-Space will continue to evidently travel along side the ship, drawn to its gravity, and arriving at its destination with it.

    No radio wave reception or broadcasting is possible thru T-Space, Nor is it possible to telepathically contact anyone outside of one's vessel while traveling thru it (nor to be contacted by anyone in normal space while traveling thru it).

    Prolonged exposure to T-Space with insufficient shielding may cause eventual radiation sickness, sterility, mutations, or even death.

    Under City
    The common name applied to the five underground levels of tunnels, factories and industrial complexes that were carved beneath the domes (going from the Agora out to Diversity).
    Upper Continuum
    Actual and theoretical dimensions beyond the five primary dimensions. The main actual observable parts of the Upper Continuum are those known as T-Space and what Esper's refer to as Astral Space or The Astral Plane.

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