Using the Psyche Method of Character Creation for T'Phon

Copyright © 1997 By Cynthia A Shettle

Joe has already explained the psyche method in general in his original article. Since the basics of using the system and the reason for doing so does not change from world to world, I will concentrate on the differences between Perilous Earth and T'Phon. The same twelve aspects are used in any world, using the standard 1-8 scale, with 4 being average.

The twelve aspects of the psyche are:


Affects Upon Attributes:

In Joe's article, he suggested subtracting 4 points from the Perilous table for a world base with only 10 attributes. However, when we went from T'Phon to Perilous, we actually increased the number of points for attributes by 10, in order to cover the increased range for Wealth, in addition to the extra attribute of Fame. Therefore, we should use the following table for T'Phon, where Aspect Total is the sum of the character's 12 psyche aspects and Attribute Total is the number of points available for attributes.

Aspect Total Attribute Total
71+ 25
66-70 30
61-65 35
51-60 40
41-50 45
31-40 50
30 or less 55

If you compare this table to the one used for Perilous, you will note that the average attribute total for the respective world bases are in the 51-60 range. The minimum number of attribute points remains 25 in both world bases, though it requires a lower aspect total to reach it in T'Phon. This is because a character with maximum or near maximum aspects has certain minimums that he must meet on attributes which require that many points. A character with that many aspects at 7 or 8 would likely be nearly unplayable in any case, so the situation is unlikely to come up.

Mind cannot be less than 1/2 the character's Logic.
Perception cannot be less than 1/2 the character's Insight.
Power cannot be 0 if the character's Insight and Synchronicity together total more than 8.
Spirit cannot be less than the average of the characters Passion and Esteem.

Affects Upon Skill Selection:

As in Perilous, the psyche method is used with the profession system, rather than replacing it and characters still get their native language for free. The calculations Joe came up with for the categories produced an average of about 72 skill ranks in a world base where the constructed method used 50. I would recommend adjusting each category by 1 for every 5 points difference in the standard number of points for constructed characters. This produces an average of 10 skill ranks per category which is 60 skill ranks total for T'Phon, which normally allows 40 skill ranks.


A} (Discipline + Logic + Sanity + Curiosity) - Passion - 2

B} (Discipline + Logic + Esteem + Empathy) - Adaptability - 2

C} (Adaptability + Curiosity + Communication + Empathy) - Discipline - 2

D} (Passion + Insight + Synchronicity + Esteem) - Sanity - 2

E} (Creativity + Passion + Communication + Insight) - Sanity - 2

F} (Adaptability + Logic + Creativity + Insight) - Discipline - 2

Table I (Combat Skills)

Bludgeon Weapons [B]
Bows [A]
Cannon (gunnery) [B]
Chopping Weapons [B]
Cloak (see maneuvers) [B]
Combat Throws (see maneuvers) [B]
Crossbows [A]
Daggers & Knives [C]
Firearms, Black powder [B]
Hand To Hand Combat [B]
Pressure Points (see maneuvers) [B]
Staffs & Polearms [B]
Swords, Light [F][B]
Throwing Weapons [B]
Whips & Flails [B]

Table II (Crafts & Trades)

Accounting (requires Mathematics 4+) [B]
Agriculture [B]
Animal Handling [C]
Animal Training [C]
Architecture [F]
Armorer [A]
Barbering [A]
Blacksmith [A]
Book Binding [A]
Bowyer/Fletcher [A]
Brewing/Vinting [A]
Butchering & Meat Preservation [A]
Fishing [A]
Gemcraft [B]
Glassblowing [A]
Gunsmith [A]
Knitting [A]
Leatherworking [B]
Masonry [A]
Mill Operations [F]
Mining [B]
Perfumery [A]
Pottery [A]
Printing [C]
Seamanship [B]
Seamstress/Tailor [A]
Silkmaking [B]
Soapmaking [B]
Tanning [B]
Veterinarian [C]
Weaponsmithing [A]
Weaving [B]
Wheelwright [B]
Wiredrawing [B]
Woodcarving [C]
Wood Lathe Usage [F]

Table III (Entertainment & Pastimes)

Acting [C]
Board Games [C]
Dancing [C]
Gambling [C]
Juggling & Balancing [F]
Musical Composition (requires instrument) [C]
Musical Instrument (*see list*) [C]
Playwriting (requires read/write) [C]
Singing [C]
Theatre Arts [C]
Ventriloquism [C]

Table IIIA (Musical Instruments)

All Musical Instruments are [C] Skills.

Double Fipple Flute
Pipes, reed
Slide Whistle
Theorbo (double necked lute)
Trombone (slide trumpet)

* Drums are basic percussion instruments and the skill also allows the playing of related instruments (Castanets, Cymbal, Finger Cymbal, Gong, Rattle, Sistrum, Tambourine, Wood Block)

Table IV (Knowledge Skills)

Cartography [E]
Familiarity: Area (by City) [A][C]
Folklore [D]
History & Antiquities [B][A]
*Language : Baronial Trade Tongue [C]
*Language : Corsair's Tongue [C]
*Language: Fevrierian (Central) [C]
*Language: Fevrierian (Southern) [C]
*Language: Fevrierian (Northern) [C]
*Language: Imwanian [C]
*Language : Jambi [C]
*Language: Naitor (only for naitor) [C]
*Language: Zibonian [C]
Mathematics [B]
Navigation [A]
Poisons (detection/creation/usage) [C]
Physician/Healer [A][B]
Reading/Writing [C]

* All Characters get a language for free

Table V (Social & artistic Skills)

Appraising [C]
Cooking & Baking [A]
Drawing & Painting [E]
Etiquette/Saviore Faire (Baronial) [B]
Etiquette (Jambi) [B]
Fast Talk [C]
Intimidation [C]
Massage [E]
Religious Liturgy [D]
Sculpting [E]
Streetwise [C]
Tantrics & Seduction [E]
Tattooing [E]
Woodcarving [C]

Table VI (Unusual Skills)

Animal Noises [C]
Concealment [F]
Disguise [C]
Engineering [F]
Escape Artistry [E]
Find/Set/remove Traps [A]
Forgery [F]
Interrogation [C]
Lip reading [C]
Locksmithing/Lockpicking [F]
Midwifery [C]
Pocket Picking [C]
Rope Usage & Knots [F]
Torture [C]
Tracking (wilderness) [F]
Voice Mimicry [C]

Table VII (Athletic)

Climbing [F]
Contortionist [F]
Hunting [F]
Pole Vaulting [B]
Riding [A]
Rowing [A]
Stealth [F]
Swimming [A]
Survival, Forest [F]
Survival, Desert [F]
Survival, Jungle [F]
Survival, Mountains [F]
Survival, Plains [F]
Survival, Rain forest [F]
Survival, Scrubland [F]
Survival, Swamplands [F]
Tightrope Walking [B]
Trapeze [D]
Tumbling [E]

Table VIII (Occult)

Deep Memorization (Jambian only) [A][F]
Realm of T'Phon (1) [D]
Realm of VarUna (2) [D]
Realm of Desh (3) [D]
Realm of Marut (4) [D]
Realm of T'Dannon (5) [D]
Realm of Agni (6) [D]
Realm of Minari (7) [D]
Realm of T'Prana (8) [D]
Spellcasting [D]
Spellcrafting [D]
Spellknowing [E]

Affects On Traits:

Since characters are not normally allowed to purchase extra skill ranks with trait points in T'Phon, they may not do so under the psyche method either, unless they have special permission from their GM. If she chooses to allow such, use the following table:

Category Trait Cost /Rank
A 2 per 1
B 3 per 1
C 1 per 2
D 2 per 1
E 1 per 1
F 1 per 1

The following traits have restrictions under the Psyche system:

Inquisitive cannot be taken at all, as it is redundant.

+1 to WEALTH cannot be taken unless the character already has maximum WEALTH

Unnaturally Keen Senses cannot be taken unless the character already has maximum PERC

Berserker requires a minimum 5 in Passion and a maximum 4 in Discipline.

Blessed By The Prana requires a minimum 4 in Synchronicity.

Fear Resistance requires a minimum 5 in Discipline or Esteem.

Natural Mage requires a minimum 4 in Synchronicity and Insight.

Code of Honor requires a minimum Passion or Discipline of 4.

Cursed By The Gods requires a minimum Synchronicity of 4.

Glory Hound requires a minimum Esteem of 6.

Jinxed requires a minimum Synchronicity of 5.

Religious Fanatic requires a minimum Passion of 5.

Weirdness Magnet requires a minimum Synchronicity of 5 and maximum Sanity of 4.

Affects On Character Growth:

The modifiers to Training and Random Growth are the same for T'Phon as they are in Perilous Earth.

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