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I have not been managing to do much publishable fiction recently. "My Sister Married an Immortal" is on hiatus again. I did a little more work on "An Italian Fairy Tale" then set it aside again. I have an unfinished story titled "The Nature of Reality" which I don't think would be of much interest to anyone else. It has three sequels in various stages that don't work very well without it because it's a somewhat strange alternate timeline. However, I came up with an idea for a prequel called "Diary of a Pre-Immortal" that might be more viable.

"Distorted Reflections" and two untitled fanfics are currently scheduled to appear in upcoming fanzines. "Me and My Shadow" and "Tangled Webs" have both appeared in Interregnum Interregnum and will be put on my web site at some point.

I published a flashback exerpted from "Watching the Watchers" in Interregnum. I currently have no plans to do anything further with it. I have not managed to get any further work done on "Matilda's Story" recently. If I get back to it, I will put chapter 1 up here, though the rest will be published in Interregnum first. "A New Life" and its untitled sequel are still waiting for "Aftermath" though I went ahead and published the alternate timeline. While I have a long list of potential ideas, I keep getting distracted by new ones, so those I have may not get used.

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