New Moon Rising

Copyright 1995 By Libby Martin )0(
Indigo shadows, like veils in the darkness,
     Seem to conceal as they float on the breeze;
While in the heavens the New Moon is rising:
     She watches the clouds whisper down to the trees.

Descending, She takes on a form fully human. Clothed in the star-studded glory She reigns. Lady of Night has returned to the world where She helps star-crossed lovers escape from their chains.

From their eyes She is able to rip off the blinders And show them what loving each other can be. "A choice you must make 'fore you look to your future - From ties to the past, do you want to break free?"

There's always a choice to be made when love calls you. Towards evil or good, only you have the facts. When you and your lover hold hands in her Moon Light, Remember the cost, but don't ever look back.

The future is yours now, to mold as you will Bringing joy to each other, for this is your life When summers sun calls you, its gardens in bloom New vows you'll be taking as husband and wife.

Don't fear for the trials that may come your way as They'll bring opportunity for you to grow. In sunlight you're planting a loving new family In Moon Light you're reaping the love that you sow.

)0( Libby Martin 1995

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