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Most of my recent fiction writing has been Highlander fanfiction. All of my net-published stories are available to be read on-line. They are listed in reverse order, so the most recently available ones are on top. My very short T'Phon piece is the only non-Highlander fiction currently available on-line. I don't have the time to keep up with HLFIC-L, but I do post some of my fanfic there.

Unauthorized Access
Playing to Stalemate
Hide and Seek
A Learning Experience
Quickening of Madness
For Love of Watching

A Visit from Minari

I wrote an article on the Differences Between Writing and Roleplaying which appeared in the APA, Interregnum. This and other excerpts from Interregnum are available for online reading.

I was a member of the Methos faction in the war on HLFIC-L and a member of the Amanda faction for the cruise. During the third war, I somehow managed to be both faction administrator for the Amanda faction and an active member of the Methos faction. I even joined the mourners just before the War ended. I had a great deal of fun and intend to participate in any additional wars that may occur. (Though I admit that seems highly unlikely at this point.) I've set up a page of links to the web pages for each of the wars, and to the posts that I wrote or co-authored in the second two.

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