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Journey With Us Into Weird Worlds...

cosmic cover copyright 2000 by Eriol Telquenarial



Back in 1999 thru 2001

I created and developed a roleplaying game, with the input and editing help from Kiralee McCauley, my wife. It was originally intended as something just for our gaming group, but as time went on we decided to do a small scale independent publishing of it for the world.

This was a very different time on the internet, and what we were doing (distributing an EBOOK!) was a fairly new and unknown path for roleplaying games. We decided that the final version would be available as an Ebook, on a CD Disk and as print book.

Marketing and art costs were kept to an absolute bare minimum. I had a Dover publishing subscription, which let me grab old black and white stock art prints from block prints to various old long out of copyright book illustrations that they had in their library to use in my work. We had a cover donated to the project by a fairly new artist who was a gamer and someone looking for exposure, who did an oil painting in the form of an optical illusion which became our cover.

We distributed the ebook for free and sold the CD and books on an at cost basis. Eventually we sold enough to break even. The Ebook version of the game has continued to be distributed ever since for free. We no longer have ANY of the paper copies or disks for folks. You want print copies you'll need to use the ebook to print from. Somewhere between 2500 and 3000 copies were distributed over the years, so it's not an unknown game, but hardly a commercial success story.

Anyway, the game is here for you to download (see the Sidebar) as a single Zipped set of PDFs of the base rules and the two world setting books we created for our playtests. I've also included a few extras, like character building spreadsheets for Excel, that we used.

The game system uses percentile dice, a complex but satisfying character construction method centered around a specific setting, a mechanic that allows you to build the character you want to play at the power level you want, and a modular rules set that the GM can choose how complex she or he wants the game to be in play. The World settings can act as an example to make more or can be played as is.

We reserve the copyright to the material, so you can't sell it as a commercial work, but are free to play, print, share, copy the files as many times as you need. You can also write all the derrivative work you want, but please credit us if you do.

We aren't doing anything more with the system these days, as our lives and game choices and gaming groups have changed completely since those days. It was a fun game for us and will always hold good memories for us, and that's why we continue to share it with others.