"We all live in our Fantasy and only endure our Reality" - R.A.Wilson



This Site

Founded in 1999 the Fantasy Library website acts as an online repository for things Fantastic, Fanciful, Fanish and Frightening. We're doing this for fun, to share and illuminate imaginations around the world.


What's Inside

The Library has a lot of things that you can download or examine online. There are Novels, Short Stories, Articles, Reviews and lots and lots of Tabletop Roleplaying Games and Support Materials. Theres also some various personal projects by the folks who are the 'creative force' and main financial backers of the site (see the name links across the top of the page).


Copyright & Permissions

We've done what we can to make the copyright status and permission on various works as clear as possible on the site. We also have gone to effort to make sure that nothing presented here violates the rights of various authors, artists etc. If you see something that is yours and somehow has been included or mislabeled in regards to its status (or attributed to the wrong person) please contact us so we can correct the situation. Remember too that we are fans of 'fair use' under copyright law. This means that parodies are not illegal use of copyright controlled material.


Off-site Links

A number of places elsewhere on the web are direct linked by us to them (and vice versa) as that is how the internet world wide web works. Unless stated otherwise we don't have a lot of direct involvement with these links in regards to the content on those sites. We take no resposibility for that content, how it changes or its appropriateness in any way. Remember we do this for FUN not profit and this site makes no income. Occasionally Gremlins sneak in and mess things up. Find a problem with a dead link, a major change or a mislabeling? Contact Joseph Teller to have it resolved, since he maintains the website.