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Who is Joseph Teller Anyway?

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The Many Lives Of Joseph Teller Have Included:


I was a PCA (Medical Personal Care Assistant) until a downturn in my health in Autumn 2018


I have been, over the many years Chief Cook, manager and bottle washer of our home; Cat Herder; Poet; Computer Operator; Husband; Bookstore Manager; Science Fiction & Fantasy Enthusiast; Retail Sales Clerk; Live Stage Summer Stock Theater House Manager; Store Cleaner; Uncle; Electronic Appliance Salesman; Security Officer; HRSFA Convention Consuite Food Manager (3 Years); Accounting Clerk; Published Author; Comuter Programmer; Customer Service Representative; BBS Sysop (before there was a public Internet); Optical Device Technicians; Old Time Radio Enthusiast (past SPERDVAC Member); Roleplaying Game Designer; Student; Men's Clothing Salesman; APA Art Director for Interregnum APA; Consumer Product Test Consultant; Mail Room Clerk; Computer Consultant; Text Book Content Provider; Game Club Manager; Convention Guest Speaker/Panalist (last one in 2003 I believe); Office Manager; Office Temp in the Financial Field; Comic Book Collector/Appraiser; Amateur History Buff; Neo-Pagan;


...and a bunch of other things I've forgotten to include and a few that I am not at liberty to talk about.


Who I'm Not:

I am not the same Joseph Teller as the Attorney turned Detective/Romance Novelist; I am not the late Joseph Teller father of Teller of Penn & Teller and I am not the Ceramic Artist, nor the Notre Dame Grad Student, nor the yoga instructor. We may all share the same name but none of us are in any way related that I am aware of.


So What Are You Doing Lately?

I'm primarily visible on the internet these days via (Diaspora Net). Until it shuts down I am on Google+, and this our website. I write a lot about Roleplaying Games (Design, Theory, concepts, game management and reviews of products); local events & politics; book reviews on and other places, and am working on some fiction writing and poetry projects for possible future publication.

Thanks to various health concerns and problems I am unable to work a 'normal' position. I live a frugal life with my dear wife Kiralee McCauley in Cambridge Massachusetts USA.

I take care of her household operations while she works in accounting and database management for a national non-profit advocacy organization working to build the consumer and community leadership that is required to transform the American health system.


Anything Else? Writings Not Online?

Well there's a bunch of things and places I've written for that aren't included here. Some of them long out of print, others lost to the ether of the modern Internet or it's past incarnations and BBS days. (Some of what I wrote years ago should probably be ignored, unless it was gaming related. I'm not the person I was when I was living in the 1970s, 1980s etc. Decades change a man and his viewpoint, beliefs and practices.

If you are really curious, I did write for a few poetry anthologies back in my High School days (my earliest published credits); had some poetry of mine that was included in Textbooks that once were used in the Canadian School Systems; got published in the nearly forgotten digest sized gaming magazine 'Abyss'; wrote a number of articles for the site that I was never paid for before they went bankrupt in spring of 2001; wrote zines for 'The Wild Hunt' (a now deceased gaming APA that existed from 1975 to around 1990) and the venerable 'Alarums & Excursions' APA . A few minor credits and mentions have occurred in some other gaming materials (some from playtesting).

A few of my early gaming projects got released into the ether years ago, which were neither polished nor ready for distribution on a large scale. These were basically Alpha test copies that escaped. Mystic Earth RPG (a magical conspiracy game), World of Wonders (a FUDGE adaptation for Superhero roleplaying with a heavy Champions influence), and Shadow Bindings RPG (a 'universalist' system that eventually was redesigned into Cosmic Synchronicity). I also wrote a long time ago the 'Fantasy Realms RPG: World of T'Phon', which was an expensive project that we sold copies of but never recovered its production costs. My master data files were lost for this last one (it was written on a 486 Pentium clone computer on Word 6 running under Windows 3.1 believe it or not).