Who is Kiralee McCauley Anyway?

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I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington (USA). I came to the east coast to go to Wellesley College, where I majored in computer science and mathematics. Unfortunately, circumstances forced me to leave after my third year, and I have not been able to return.

I was previously a member of the Amber Lamp Dance Troupe, a Middle-Eastern Dance group in Cabaret-style. (The Troupe has now disolved with the departure of the head of the troupe from the stage).

I've also performed previously at the Serpentine Nights Events as part of Johara's Middle Eastern Dance Snakedance Theater Company's student group. These events were at the BCCA in Coolidge Corner (Brookline MA).

I am not currently involved any dance activity as my life has become rather busy with my job and other obligations.

I work in Accounting & Finance and have done so for many years, mostly in the non-profit sector.

I am currenty the Manager of Finance and Operations for Commnity Catalyst.


Adventures :

I first ran into tabletop roleplaying games in the early eighties and have never looked back. I don't GM, but I have played in a wide number of different game systems and genres.

About 1990 I started playtesting new systems, and helping to design them. I have worked on several systems, including Mystic Earth (first and second editions), Fudge WOW, T'Phon, Perilous Earth, Shadow Bindings, and Cosmic Synchronicity which I have edited and playtested. I've also done playtesting on Ironclaw Supplements, a GURPS setting book, Kaleidoscope, and Zamani.

I have been a contributor to the APA Interregnum in a zine with Joseph Teller titled 'The Swashbuckling Mage and the Dancing Priestess' and in my own zine, later, The Dancing Priestess.

I also became the editor and sustained Interregnum APA for two and half years (publication suspended).

I've been a featured panelist and panel moderator at eight Arisia conventions to date, but have not attended in many years.

I spent twelve years involved in the 'Western Ave Irregulars' a local roleplaying gaming club (now sadly ended).

Finding time to do everything I want to do in life seems to be my major drawback these days. I can't even keep this WWW page up to date, and have to rely on Joe to keep up on the reliability of the information on it.