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Jon Zeigler was kind enough to have read our review of his GURPS GREECE sourcebook on the WWW and sent along the following reponse to the review, which may clarify some of the points in the review.

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 20:32:01 -0500
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    I've read the review on the Web site, and am pleased. A first-time author can't always expect such a favorable report on his efforts.

    A couple of items in response:

    For the record, I *did* come across at least one source on the Minoan culture which might be considered "revisionist" -- debunking some of the distorted interpretations imposed on the Knossos digs by the original excavators. Unfortunately that one source was, in my opinion, less than credible. It's listed in the bibliography (Wunderlich). I originally had a sidebar planned on the alternative interpretation, but it was trimmed out for lack of space.

    I was pleased to note that the reviewer allowed for the simplifications necessary when putting together a sourcebook of limited size, intended for a gaming audience rather than a scholarly one. I had to do a lot of agonizing, choosing what had to be omitted and what had to be simplified beyond what a professional historian would find acceptable. I suspect that if I *were* a professional historian the job would not have been possible at all :-).

    Indeed, quite a bit of material was trimmed out in the final revisions, including a fair amount on the post-Alexandrian period. I've considered making some or all of that material available... All this depends on the agreement of SJ Games, of course. . ..and whether I go to the effort depends on whether anyone would be interested. Any comments from the audience?

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