"Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” ― Mark Twain



Free Games?

Yes, we write roleplaying games, and often give them away for free. This is not because they are without value, it's because they have given us great pleasure over the years and sharing those pleasures with others helps make life worthwhile.

Additionally, games that are not shared are not played, and why create something to stick it on a shelf to never be seen or used by anyone? It is through games that shared concepts, experiences and understanding is developed and helps enrich our lives. There is no value to a game that is hoarded, it becomes a useless forgotten thing.

The links on the left go to separate download pages where you can get the material available for the various games we have made over the years. Some are complete and have been distributed electronically for years (long before there was an Indie game movement or an internet self publishing standard or ebook standards). Most materials are being distributed as PDFs.

A few of the games are in an alpha or beta playtest stage, lacking in a professional layout, indexing or in having artwork added. A few are in odd formats (Zamani for example was originally done as an online text Wiki).

NOTE that many of these documents have OLD EMAIL ADDRESSES or other dead internet links mentioned in them... If you need to contact us on any of them use our current addresses (ex: unquietsoul@gmail.com for Joseph Teller).

Commercial Variants

A good game designer also spends time looking at the other games out there, tinkering with them, running a few campaigns for friends and exploring their mechanics, potentials and possibilities. The second set of links are for materials we put together for our friends when we were running just such games.

These are mostly again Alpha stage materials used in-house, and lack a lot of polish, but may be sources of information for folks who are playing these games or looking for a campaign idea for such.

Useful Links

This set of links are to various materials, websites and such where you may find interesting games (Commercial and non-commercial) and variants for roleplaying games that we think worth looking at.