Fantasy Realms Worlds & Articles

Alternative Combat/Damage System

Character Conversions :
Between FUDGE & Fantasy Realms

Character Conversions :
Between GURPS & Fantasy Realms

Character Experience Examined
Dynamic Character Design
Karmatic Debt In Character Design
Mechanics In a Nutshell
Other Fiction : Valley Of Shadows
Peril : Leather Tales : Mon Cher (Adult Fiction)
Reviews of Other Games
T'Phon : Academy of Magical Arts of Tor-VarDen
T'Phon : Draktahvi Tyvek (Sample Begining Character)
T'Phon Fiction : Fesha, a Begining
T'Phon : Importance of Religion In T'Phon's Cultures
T'Phon : Jambi Weather Conditions Page (Supplement)
T'Phon : Overview of Genre
T'Phon : Psyche Method of Character Creation Adapted For T'Phon
T'Phon : Visit From Minari
World Conversion :Using Fantasy Realms Mechanics with Harn

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