Rolling Dice On The Internet

The rolling of dice is, for most roleplaying games, a necessity. If you play in or plan on running a Play-By-Email Game (PBEM or PBM) then you need a way of doing this. The best way I've found in recent months, and the one I plan on using myself, is the dice roller that Shadow Island Games has available for folks to use.

You use it by sending an email message to, and by inserting instructions in the lines of the body of your message.

You should make sure to use the title and comment options in the below example to ensure your GM and other players know what the die roll is for.

#P    - You can have upto 10 of these, each will
                         send a copy of the message to the listed
                         address. (ex:
#S 20                  - We use primarily d20's in our games, but
                         this can be set to any value of 2-1000
                         for the number of sides to the die roll
                         to make.
#D 1                   - Normally we only roll a single die, but
                         if you need more this can be changed
#R 1                   - Normally we only need a single roll,
                         but if your gm requires more this line can
                         be changed.
#L 1                   - This is how many rolls to show on a line
#C                     - This designates a comment line (upto 20!)
#T                     - This designates the SUBJECT for the return
                         message. Easy enough? For our game this
                         should ALWAYS be the name of the game
                         being played (ex: PERIL, ZIBO, TPHON etc.)

Each of the above should be complete lines, with no spaces between them. Feel free to experiment with the roller so you understand how it will respond.

Try Out The Die Roller now...

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