Positive Traits:

The following Positive Traits are available in Hârn. There are no free Trait points in Hârn, so all traits must be bought by taking Negative Traits.

Absolute Time Sense (1) The ability to gauge the passage of time without a timepiece, viewing the sun, or other external means. This can be useful in coordinating assaults and infiltrations, estimating distance traveled and so forth. No roll is needed, this ability is ALWAYS active.

Additional Skills (1) The character has additional skill ranks, either in existing skills or additional ones, beyond those at start. These can be in any category and based on the skill category (see chart that follows).

Category Trait Cost /Rank
A 2 per 1
B 3 per 1
C 1 per 2
D 2 per 1
E 1 per 1
F 1 per 1
Spells 1 per 1

Ageless (5) This ability is similar to the racial ability of Sindarin, in that the character ceases to age at some player specified point in their life, not aging beyond that point. It is not immortality, it is long-term cellular regeneration. They can still be slain by violent means, poisons, disease etc. They will not scar permanently, and are unaffected by aging magics or premature aging from fear. Gargun can never be ageless. It is believed that human ageless characters have some distant Sindarin blood in their family lineage, but the trait may also be a result of a divine gift or certain magics. Ageless characters cannot raise their attributes thru mere testing of them.

Ages Slowly (2) A character with this trait will have twice the normal lifespan of their race, and will not show their age as quickly. This means they will have a longer functional period before the ravages of age, and have a +2 to all defense rolls against aging magic and premature aging.

Ambidextrous (2) This is being neither left nor right handed and thus being able to use both hands at the same time or for any purpose. It gives a +1 to the character's maximum possible Coordination range, despite racial limits.

Attractive Appearance (1) This gives a +1 to rolls to seduce, intimidate, or interrogate. It will also alter reactions of non-player characters in a beneficial way. This trait can be bought up to eight times on a character.

Authorized Student (1) [Spellcasters only] You have been tested by the Shek-Pvar and are authorized to learn magic by them (within the usual limits) from masters of the order. You may also sell your own spell creations to a member of the order (but cannot teach otherwise).

Beast Friend (3) Gets a +1 for animal training & handling rolls. A beast friend can befriend animals easily and will never be intentionally harmed by any animal. (Animals do not include fish, microbes, insects, bacteria, worms, spiders, mollusks, crustaceans, or fantastical beasts like dragons).

Blackmailer (3) You have information that someone powerful would prefer you to keep to yourself. You may receive payments or services of some sort in return for your silence in the matter, or possibly special favors. You must be careful how you use this ability, for if you ask too much or too often your target may decide that it would be easier to eliminate you. Exactly who and what this is set up with should be discussed with your GM.

Canine Competent (1) Gets a +1 for animal training when dealing with any canine. Can befriend dogs, foxes, wolves and other canines easily and will not be harmed by them unless seeking them harm.

Charmed Life (7) Fortune protects you from events of certain death. This does not mean that you can't be killed, only that it takes real effort to kill you. If you fall off a cliff, there will be for sure a tree branch or vine you will have a chance to grab. If locked in prison to rot and die, you'll be locked in the one cell with a secret passage. If sentenced to hang, the rope will surely break. Murphy's Law always works in your favor, when death is involved. This does not mean you are lucky otherwise.

Close Family Ties (3) You are on good terms with your family, and they will do what they can (within reason) to assist you in life. They will do you small favors without price, and may do large ones, but with expectation of your assisting in family matters later. You may still live in the family home, or the home of a relative.

Cold Resistant (2) Gets +8 Toughness vs all Cold Based damage rolls. This can be bought a multiple of times.

Direction Sense (1) This is an innate sense of direction. With it a character will always know the points on the compass in reference to their position without any point of reference. If above or below ground they will also know how far above or below they are. It does not mean they can instantly navigate a maze, but they will have advantages if doing so.

Disease Resistance (2) The character gets a +4 to HEALTH rolls to avoid diseases encountered. This can be bought a multiple of times.

Divine Parent (7) [Not for Khuzdul characters] One of your birthparents was a deity or demi-god in disguise. You have a greater influence with them then a normal mortal, and may request aide from them. There are dangers associated with this ability, as your parent may use you as a pawn in their own schemes and plans, and the enemies of your parent may seek you harm. If you choose to follow another religion (and your parent is one of the ten major deities) your parent will cause you great grief in life; if you become a priest/priestess of your parent's religion you will have a +1 Social Class Standing within the church. You will be held to a higher standard and expected to be a dutiful child.

Electrically Resistant (2) +8 Toughness against all electrical damage rolls (including magical electricity). This can be bought a number of times.

Equine Competent (1) Gets a +1 to Riding, animal handling or animal training when it comes to horses. Will never be attacked by horses unless trying to intentionally harm them, and able to befriend them easily.

Famous (3) Tales have been told, and songs written of your exploits. Your general nature is known to complete strangers, and this can be both advantageous and disastrous, depending on circumstance. If you are honest, people will treat you kindly and openly; if you are bound by your word your enemy might seek to use it against you etc.

Famous Ancestor (1) You have a famous ancestor, of which tales and songs have been told for a generation or more. People can be impressed by this lineage, which can help in dealing with them, though they will often expect you to live up to your lineage.

Famous Relation (2) You have a famous relation, currently or recently alive, who is well known and who has a positive reputation. This could be a sibling, an aunt, uncle, parent or cousin. You may use this to your benefit in dealing with people who know them or know of them, though they will hold you to a higher standard based on your relative.

Fast Metabolism (1) Gets a +5 to all Initiative Rolls. Heals as if HEALTH was 2 points higher than actual value. Can only be bought once.

Fear Resistant (1) Character gets a +4 to all SPIRIT rolls vs FEAR and Fear-based effects/magic. This can be bought a multiple of times. Fear Resistance requires a minimum 5 in Discipline or Esteem.

Feline Competent (1) Gets a +1 for animal training when dealing with any feline. Can befriend cats, lynx, tigers, lions, panthers, pumas and other felines easily and will not be harmed by them unless seeking them harm.

Fire Resistant (2) +8 Toughness against all fire based damage. This can be bought a multiple of times. It only protects the character, not their possessions.

Good Credit Reputation (2) [Mercantyler profession only] You have a good reputation for paying your debts in full and on time, and it is easier for you to acquire backing for business ventures. You can probably borrow as much as your Social Class *30 in silver pennies without having any collateral, more with collateral. You may also be able to convince others into investing into business ventures based on potential profit shares etc.

Heir (2) You stand to inherit from your family wealth, property or other things of value in the future. You do not need to do anything to retain this position, but if you are from a noble family you must be careful as others may seek to remove you from the line of succession by intrigue or other means. If you are a noble you may be able to borrow funding based on this inheritance.

Heirloom (3) You have possession of a family heirloom, something of great value (such as a ring, sword, etc.) Or of magical properties that could be of great use in the future. You and the GM should sit down regrading this, as the GM will have to choose the details. An heirloom should not be expendable, but should have a good reason for the character to possess and pass down thru future generations.

Landlord (3) [Guilded or Noble only] The character owns land or a building that produces a revenue for them from tenants. The property earns an annual income (after maintenance and taxes) equal to the character's WEALTH multiplied by five in silver pennies each month. A character with this trait can start play with the previous month's income in cash in their possession, beyond the normal starting monies. Landlords, of course, have their own special responsibilities, problems and rewards that come from owning such properties. In General the selling of lands is rare in Hârn, especially by nobles. This trait can be bought in multiples at start.

Light Sleeper (1) This is a natural tendency to sleep lightly and thus the character cannot be surprised in their sleep, but will waken if someone gets close to them or makes sound nearby. They will have difficulty sleeping if there is noise nearby.

Poison Immunity (3) The character is unaffected by all known poisons.

Prophetic Visions & Dreams (2) The character has random visions and dreams that are prophetic, glimpses of the future. {The value of this ability is set it is as there is no character control over the ability, and if possessed by a player character the GM decides when and what such visions will provide them in regards to content, making it oftentimes a plot device more than a useful ability. GM's should try to be fair and give the character such visions regularly, at least once a week to ten days, and make such visions useful without giving away too much.) This ability is more common among priests and priestesses, and should not manifest in characters with no real religious connections.

Retainer (2) [Social Ranks 9 & 10 only] The character has a faith retainer, an Non-player portrayed character that is a loyal individual who is in their employ or who stands by them for other reason, that will travel with them and help them in their matters. Retainers are common among the vary rich, and might be a yeoman in service to a knight, a handmaiden in service to a Lady, or a gladiator in body guard service to a merchant family head. Retainers are not slaves, and act of their own accord, but will do so with the best interests of both themselves and the character they are a retainer to. Multiple retainers can be bought, but consult with your GM about this option and what skilled persons might be willing to serve a character such as yours. In general neither priests nor Shek-Pvar can be bought as retainers.

Right To Bear Arms (3) This gives an Unguilded, Guilded or Noble character the right to bear arms, except for full Chivalric plate armor (which can only be used by knights and weaponcrafters).

Savings (1) A character with this trait has been thrifty in the past with their funds, and has extra coins on hand at start (or physical property of value). WEALTH * Social Class in Silver pennies are possessed. This trait can be bought multiple times. Beyond starting funds this trait has no further affect upon the character's future activities.

Snake Competent (2) The character is able to befriend and train snakes, serpents and other reptiles easily, and will never be attacked by them intentionally unless seeking to do them harm.

True Love (5) You have found your soul mate, the person to whom you would swear your undying love to for all of existence. The bond between you cannot be sundered without disrupting the local fabric of the universe while you both still live. Whenever you are suffering or endangered the thought of your love will give you the strength to go on. You will get a +3 to die rolls of the Spirit, Body or Coordination for acts that will return you to your love, to save your love's life or otherwise defend your love. The drawback is that you will, when separated, become melancholy over time (getting a -3 to Spirit rolls) and lose interest in things not associated with your love. A pair of characters with True Love will always know that their love is alive, and can detect when they are near (with 100 feet).

Unsleeping (5) The character is unsleeping, like Sindarin, and thus can function many more hours in a day. They will still need to rest, but will enter into a half-awake state that they will still retain some awareness of what is going on around them at all times. Khuzdul cannot have this trait.

Viran (5) [Shek-Pvar Only, of Social 8 or greater] You are an authorized master of at least one convocation (which must be at an 8) and may teach spells of that convocation to lesser mages (so long as it does not violate the code of the Shek-Pvar). You may charge non-members of the order reasonable prices for such teaching, and may take an apprentice if you so desire in the art.

Weapon Adaption (5) A character with this trait is able to analyze and adapt to the usage of any weapon or to use a makeshift item as a weapon in an emergency (ex: mop for a staff, chair for a shield, tankard as a hurled missile etc). In mechanics, they can use any weapon they are not skilled in without the usual -4 modification to their die roll. Improvised weapons' damage should be determined by the GM depending on comparing them to other items on the weapon tables.

Super Positive Traits:

These are Psionic abilities in Hârn, and they are unknown among the Gargun races. They are bought just like any other Positive Trait.

Animalism [15/10] The animalist has powers that affect animals, and all power usage requires a roll adding their SPIRIT and minus the difficulty of the ability being used. Sindarin can get this for 10 Trait Points.

Animal Healing (-4) This touch only ability will heal instantly any minor wound on an animal. If used against a Full wound the ability is an additional -2 to use. If used against a Serious Wound, crippled limb or damaged PERC it is an additional -4. It cannot heal a fatal or mortal wound.

Animal Suggestion (-4) This allows the character to give simple commands to an animal that it will obey, so long as such is not obviously suicidal, or harmful to its offspring (or mate). Effect lasts until the suggestion is completed or 1 hour per POWER has passed (Thus a dog ordered to stand watch by a POWER 8 character will stop doing so after 8 hours).

Mind Transfer With Animal (-8) This allows the character to transfer their MIND, SPIRIT and POWER into an animal's Body and control that body. It takes 3 rounds to carry out the transfer. Affect lasts for 10 minutes per POWER of the character if successful. If either body is killed while ongoing then they will be trapped. The animal will generally be in a stunned state while in the other body and not act while within in it, unless they are used for such a process on a regular basis.

Stun Animal (-3) This will render an animal unable to act for 1 round per POWER point the character has. Range = PERCEPTION.

Summon Animal (-1) The player must state, before trying, what type of animal they are trying to summon. If successful, the nearest animal of the stated type (if within PERC * 1/4 Mile Range) will come to where the character is, if possible. Summoning, in this case, does not provide any form of control.

Telepathic Communication With Animals (-2)This allows the character to send and receive communication with an animal that is within PERC or which they have previously been in telepathic contact with. It does not allow them to control the animal, but can observe what the animal is sensing or remembers. At a distance it can be used to apply Animal Suggestion without verbal commands. It can help with training an animal (Giving a +2 to training rolls). Lasts for 1 Minute per POWER the character has.

Disembodiment: [7] {No roll required to use} With this you can shift your life energy out of your body. This separation takes 10 minutes to achieve, during which time the body slips into a deep trance state and a ghost-like replica of the body appears within 5' of the body, which contains their SPIRIT, MIND, and POWER. This projection of the self is composed entirely of energy and is unaffected by physical barriers or attacks, nor can it affect things physically. They can remain outside their body for 1 hour per unit of POWER they possess.

Damage done to their body will cause them to return instantly. Damage done to their projection (by magic, psionics or energy - but not fire or cold based energy attacks, nor physical magic or psionics) will affect their body. Toughness is not applied to an astral body. They may move away from their body, can see, hear, and communicate telepathically with anyone within Perception. The character may use psionics or magic (but not equipment) while astral. Astral beings are not invisible, and actually glow in darkness, but can hide inside solid objects (using Concealment skills).

Healing [10] All healer abilities require the healer to touch someone (this can be done as a non- damaging HTH attack for the damaging abilities). Conscious targets can attempt to resist with a SPIRIT roll Vs the Healers SPIRIT roll. A Healer with Physician Skill can add that skill rank to their chance of success as well. Healer ability is at a -4 to success if the being touched does not have any exposed skin. Healers cannot affect themselves. Healing is considered a Gift of Peoni.

Cure Blindness (-8) This restores sight to the subject (Except sight loss that was taken as a Negative Trait; or which has been existent in the character for more than 1 month per POWER of the healer).

Cure Disease (-6) This will remove all trace of a disease from the subject. It takes a full Minute of contact.

Heal All Minor Wounds (0) This heals all minor wounds on the subject. This takes a full minute of contact.

Heal All Minor and Full Wounds (-4) Heals both types of wounds on the subject. This takes a full minute of contact.

Restoration (-2) This will remove the affects of fatigue from the subject. If the character treated is a mage this means they will be able to cast again, otherwise it will leave the character feeling rested as if they had taken an hours nap.

Medium [10] The medium ability is one that has existed throughout the centuries. It allows the character to both perceive and interact with the undead, and to be able to contact the dead through personal items and body parts. Medium Powers all require a Roll Vs SPIRIT.

Because this power is very limited in play, unless characters are spending large amounts of time exploring murders or entering situations with lots of interesting dead bodies, it is recommended that the GM start a player character with a personal item of someone that they feel would be interesting to interact with. This could be, for example, an item from a dead mage, or someone famous (or infamous!) that could provide useful information or at least be a good conversationalist.

Channel Dead (-8) The character shares their body with the Spirit of the ghost, or with the spirit of someone who is dead that they have a body part or personal possession with (as per speak with dead). The spirit may speak thru them, and can control their body temporarily. The duration of this effect is a maximum of the value of the Character's POWER and the POWER of the Spirit combined in hours. The character may try to end the channeling, and the spirit may choose to end it at any time, by making a SPIRIT roll to do so. If the Spirit of the dead is stronger than that of the character they may choose to oppose the ending of the effect. Thus there is some danger when channeling spirits with a high rating, as they may take control of the body and prevent the character control over their own actions and speech. {It is rumored that a character who naturally possesses the medium ability, not via equipment, can in their own death possess anyone they choose at will!}

Communication With Ghosts (-2) This allows the character to set up a temporary communications linkage with the target ghost in RANGE for two way non-vocal communications. The Temporary link can be broken off by either party, and lasts for 10 minutes per POWER point the character has, and has a 1 mile per POWER range after starting. This ability will also work with other forms of Undead that are sentient

Dispossess (-6) This allows the character, after perceiving someone as possessed, to try to force the possessing spirit or creature out of the target. There is no defensive roll against this, but this ability can only be used by the medium ONCE on a specific spirit/creature in a specific body. A +2 is applied if the character knows exactly who's spirit is possessing the body.

Perceive Ghosts (0) This allows the character to perceive the location and appearance of a Ghost or Living Ghost in RANGE, even if concealed within a solid object. Once a ghost has been perceived the Medium can maintain perception without effort.

Perceive Possessed (-4) This allows the character to determine if anyone within RANGE is being possessed by a spirit or other creature, or by means of a magical spell or device. It does not tell them more than the fact they are possessed.

Speak With Dead (-2) This allows the medium, using a personal item or body part of someone who has died, to communicate with them beyond the grave. Once established no effort is needed to speak with such at any time, so long as the same item is always used, simply a minute of preparation. If an attempt is made with an item and fails, then that item cannot be used ever as a contact means, as either the connection with the individual has faded, or the individual has passed beyond the reach of the medium's powers. The dead can give information regarding what they knew in life, primarily.

Telekinesis :[20/15] Most telekinetic effects require a SPIRIT roll to activate. Very few actually have a SPIRIT defensive roll against them. Some will require a COORDINATION Saving throw to get out of the way of their effects by those in the way. Multiple Telekinetic abilities can be used at the same time. Sindarin and Khuzdul can get this ability for 15 Trait Points.

Blast (-8) This allows the telekinetic to rapidly excite the molecules in an object, causing it to explode spectacularly. The explosion has an outward radius of effect of about 5 feet and does damage to those within that with a base of 10 points (Living beings will get a COORDINATION to get out of the way, if it is possible). The maximum object size is 1 pound per POWER point of the telekinetic. The item is destroyed in the process. Blast can only be used every other round of action, because of the concentration involved.

Flight (-4) This allows the telekinetic to fly, at a top speed equal to their maximum running speed, carrying up to their LIFT capacity of equipment/cargo. It will also allow them to hover etc. and lasts for 1 minute per POWER before having to make another activation roll.

Levitate Yourself (-2) This allows the telekinetic to move themselves vertically with their mind (with up to their normal LIFT in equipment) at a rate of 15' feet per round (a slow walking speed). They can also use this ability to hover. Effect lasts 10 minutes per POWER, maximum.

Levitate Other (-3) Identical to Personal Levitation, but an unwilling target will get a SPIRIT defense roll against this ability.

Lift Object (0) This allows the telekinetic to lift and move an object within RANGE with their mind alone. It lasts for 1 minute per POWER maximum on the item, and has a LIFT capability equal to the character's POWER attribute (as if it was LIFT). A Lifted object may be manipulated by this ability, But if it is something complex, a related skill roll or coordination roll might be requested (ex: Manipulating a lockpick to open a lock on a door at range would require a skill roll).

Mental Punch (-5) This allows the character to punch a target with their mind, who gets a COORDINATION defense roll against the attack as if it was a normal physical attack. Damage is normal with a base equal to the POWER of the telekinetic.

Missile Launch (-6) This allows the character to telekinetically propel a small missile of not more than 1 lb. that they are in contact with at a target. The target gets a COORDINATION saving roll against the attack.

Protective Force Shield (-4) This allows the Telekinetic to put a protective shield of force around themselves for 1 minute per POWER point, which adds their POWER to their TOUGHNESS for the duration. This shield is invisible to normal sight.

Telepathy :[15/10] Telepathy effects require a SPIRIT roll, and in most cases targets get a SPIRIT defense roll (unless they are willing subjects). Sindarin and the shapeshifting races can get this trait for 10 points.

Borrow Senses(-3) This allows the character to set up a temporary sensory linkage with the target being in RANGE (or who has been memorized), so that the telepath may see through their eyes, hear through their ears etc. The link can only be broken off by the telepath, and lasts for 10 minutes per POWER point the character has. It has a 1 mile per POWER point range after activation. If used on a memorized mind they do not have to initially be within RANGE before activation.

Communication (-2) This allows the character to set up a temporary communications linkage with the target being in RANGE (or who has been memorized), for two way communications. The Temporary link can be broken off by either party, and lasts for 10 minutes per POWER point the character has, and has a 1 mile per POWER range after starting. If used on a Memorized mind they do not have to be in RANGE.

Detect Lies (-1) The character is able to tell when a target subject is speaking the truth as they perceive it to be. They can perceive lies, evasions and the like, but will not know what the truth is. They can tell which parts of a statement are true and which are false. Range is PERCEPTION. There is no saving against this effect but it will not work on shielded people. When activated the ability lasts for a minute for each POWER point the telepath has.

Detect Life (0) This informs the telepath of all sentient and animal intelligence beings and creatures within RANGE, both visible and invisible (But does NOT detect shielded beings).

Invoke Nightmares (-7) This is an attempt to unlock the sub-conscious mind of the target being and bring forth as a very real mental illusion their personal fears, aggressions, secrets, paranoias, phobias, nightmares and spiritual demons. They will be stunned for 1d20 rounds and then must make a second SPIRIT save or slip into a catonic state. Entering into the Catonic state causes a permanent loss of 1 SPIRIT point (and if that drops SPIRIT to less than 1 they will not recover from the state; otherwise they will recover some days later, taking 1 day to recover per POWER point of the attacking Telepath. Catonic Characters cannot be affected by other telepathic or empathic abilities).

Locate Known Mind (-5) This is used to find the locale of a memorized mind, and has a special range of 5 miles per POWER point of the telepath. It takes a full minute to use this ability. Using this ability will give the character the direction and distance to the mind. If they are within 1 mile it will give a sensory impression of their physical surroundings as well.

Memorize Mind (-2) This is used to memorize a WILLING mind that is within RANGE for future reference. One mind for each MIND point of the Telepath can be memorized for use with telepathy.

Mental Illusions (-6) This implants false sensory perceptions into the target being's mind, lasting for 1 round per POWER of the telepath. These will affect all senses. Damage inflicted by mental illusions will affect the target as if real, due to the power of belief over the body. (An imaginary fire will burn, for example).

Mental Shields (-3) Similar to, but not identical to the Naturally Mind Shielded ability, a Telepath using this ability cannot use any ability that requires targets to get a SPIRIT defense roll, It gives the Telepath a plus to their own SPIRIT defense rolls equal to their POWER. Mental Shields can be maintained for 1 Minute per POWER point.

Mental Stun Attack (-4) If successful against a target, this will stun them for 1 round per POWER point of the telepath, leaving them unable to initiate actions.

Mental Suggestion (-5) This places one mental suggestion directly into the target's mind (they do NOT have to speak the target's language), which they will act upon if physically possible. If the suggestion is self-destructive or obviously drastically against the target's way of thinking they get an additional +2 to their SPIRIT save against it.

Mind Linkage (-7) This allows the forming, with a WILLING mind, of a permanent mental linkage so that the telepath and the subject can communicate at will without any range restrictions when upon the same planet. The target WILL count as a memorized mind as well, and the telepath can, at will, use the senses of the subject or locate them (as per those abilities).

Mind Probe (-7) This allows the telepath to sift through the target's memory and can get the answer to one question per POWER point from the target's thoughts. All questions must be asked sequentially, one per round, without delay. Mind Probe WILL work against an unconscious (but not catonic) target).

Mind Transfer (-8) This allows the total transfer of the telepath's mind into the body of the target, and the target's into theirs. SPIRIT, POWER, and MIND attributes are switched temporarily in the process. Mind Transfer can ONLY be done by TOUCH. Lasts for 1 minute per POWER of the telepath. If one of the bodies dies the remaining mind is trapped in its body.

Teleportation : [20/10 for Sindarin] Teleportation is primarily the ability to move matter from one locale to another without seemingly passing through the intervening space. This is defined as passing from the normal dimensional space temporarily into another dimension and then returning at a different point in normal dimensional space (and NOT as the conversion of matter to energy and then back into matter again in the same locale, as used in some other World Bases). Teleportation is a rare gift in Hârn, found mostly among the Sindarin, who refer to it as 'transference'.

Locales for Teleporting must be either memorized (1 locale is allowed per MIND point) or within perception. A teleporter can also memorize an object or person (and can have 1 of each of these per MIND point they possess). People and places must be re-memorized every six months to remain summonable. Memorization takes a full minute.

Teleportation may not work in some world bases outside of Perilous Earth in the same way (and thus not work for the character in those places) or at all. Teleportation abilities all take a full round, spent disappearing and reappearing, minimum, and require a SPIRIT roll.

Summon A Being (-6) This will summon a being (Memorized or within Perception) with a maximum of 5 lb. per POWER point of equipment.

Summon An Object (-1) This will summon an object (Memorized or within Perception) of a maximum of 5 lb. per POWER point to the character. Objects that are attached to another object (Tied, bolted, nailed etc.) are NOT accessible in this way.

Teleport An Object (0) This will teleport an object being touched by the character (upto 5 lb. per POWER point in weight) to a perception ranged locale or a memorized locale. It will NOT allow them to teleport a solid object into another solid object in a harmful way.

Teleport Another Being (-5) This will transport a being touched by the character to a memorized or Perception ranged locale. If the being is being moved against their will they can attempt a SPIRIT defense roll against the effort. They cannot take with them more than 5 lb. per POWER point of equipment.

Teleport Attack (-4) This is an attempt to harm an object or being by Teleporting away only part of them (though there is no fine control as to which parts). Beings get a SPIRIT defense roll against this ability. They must be within Perception range. Damage from a Teleport attack is rolled on the ENERGY damage table, and gets a 5 point base. No ARMOR helps against this attack type. Objects get no defense roll.

Teleport Together (-7) This allows the character, with another being that they are touching, and a combined amount of equipment of not more than 5 lb. per POWER point, to teleport to a memorized or within PERC range locale. There is no defensive roll on the part of the other being brought with them.

Teleport Yourself (-3) This allows the character, with upto 5 lb. of equipment per POWER point, to move to a memorized or within perception range locale.

Teleport Yourself Dimensionally (-8) This is half-Teleporting yourself, that is, you move out into another plane but do not near-instantly return to the normal dimensional plane of Hârn but stay on that plane. What happens next depends on Where on that plane they arrive etc....They can bring 5 lb. per POWER point of equipment with them.

Visionary [10/5] The Visionary has the powers to perceive that which others cannot. Visionaries are common among the Shek-Pvar (a character who is of the profession of Shek-Pvar can get this Trait for 5 points..

Aura Sight (-6) This allows the character to see the actual aura of a being and from their aura determine several facts about them. Aura sight requires observation of the subject for a full minute with no actions by the observer while doing so. It will reveal the subject's magical associations (Color of magic), and the intensity of their POWER rating. It also reveals if they are ill, possessed or injured, human or non-human.

Clairaudience (-2) This allows the separation of the character's point of view away from their physical ears to another locale temporarily. The exact placement of the point of view must be stated by the player (ex: 15 feet in front of me, so I can hear through the open second floor window easily). The new viewpoint will be to the character as if they were standing in that new position. It cannot be moved around or changed without re-using the ability. The ability can be used for 1 minute per POWER point of the character. It can be used simultaneously with Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance (-2) This allows the separation of the character's point of view away from their physical eyes to another locale temporarily. The exact placement of the point of view must be stated by the player (ex: 15 feet in front of me, so I can view through the second floor window easily). The new viewpoint will be to the character as if they were standing in that new position. It cannot be moved around or changed without re-using the ability. The ability can be used for 1 minute per POWER point of the character.

Eyeless Sight (-4) This allows the character to overcome temporary or permanent blindness on many levels. It gives them 360 'vision' around them, it allows them to perceive invisible beings, be unhindered by smoke or fog and to perceive in absolute darkness as if it was normal daytime. It can only be maintained for 1 minute per POWER point per usage. It cannot be used at the same time as Clairvoyance, and does not allow perfect details (you cannot read, for example, using this ability, or be able to detect the color of an item).

Negative Traits:

Albinoism (-3) Character has no natural pigmentation; hair is white; skin is pink-white and eyes are pink. They are memorable and cannot blend into a crowd (-2 Shadowing, Disguise skills). Cannot have more than one rank in the trait of Attractive Appearance. -2 to Perception and ranged weapon rolls made in sunlight. Sunburns easily, unless they have fire resistance.

Animals Dislike Scent (-2) Character emits a scent that animals can detect and find disagreeable. They are -8 to train animals, and may be attacked by animals when encountered. Cannot have Beast Friend or any animal competence traits.

Anosmia (-2) Has no sense of smell or taste. -2 to cooking and brewing skill rolls. Cannot learn Alchemy. Cannot have a Perception greater than 6.

Attraction To Distressed Persons (-3) A character with this trait is emotionally and sexually drawn to people within their normal sexual orientation that are in distress. In the classic model, this is the damsel in distress whom the character feels the need to protect and possibly rescue from trouble (a reasonable trait for a knight). They will also equally be 'turned off' by self-reliant or strong-willed people.

Bound By Your Word (-5) Your word is your honor, and you will not go back on it nor break it while you still live. You will not lie, and must live up to your promises.

Branded Criminal (-3) You have been previously found guilty of a minor crime, and in punishment was branded (or had a tatoo) someplace on your body by the authorities. If seen people will tend to be suspicious of you in many situations.

Compulsive Trickster (-3) A character with this personality trait feels compelled to inflict embarrassing and minor injury inflicting pranks upon others. They have difficulty taking anything seriously, and others have trouble taking them seriously.

Cowardly (-3) A coward will avoid personal harm whenever possible. They may flee from combat if they feel threatened, or stay near the rear. They will avoid unnecessary risks, and may appear to be untrustworthy to many. This does not mean they will not fight, they will if cornered or having an obvious advantage, and it does not mean they will not kill someone.

Deep Sleeper (-2) When you sleep you do so soundly, you do not wake to loud noises or even being shaken. You will waken if someone dumps a bucket of water on you, or if you are actually wounded. Being a deep sleeper means you may have a very short life span if you travel in the wilderness alone.

Delusional (-3) The character sees things that are not there, hallucinates regularly or has a strong false belief that controls their actions ("But I really am the King of The Dwarves...I'm just a very tall dwarf....My beard? It was lost in a magical accident...")

Deviant Behavior (-2) Part of your personality or nature goes against the grain of society, or marks you for society to dislike. You may be sexually deviant, or a member of a minority people, or have a distasteful habit or preference. People who know will lower their opinions of you.

Easily Falls In Love (-1) [Cannot be taken with True Love] attempts to seduce the character get a +4 by persons of the appropriate sexual orientation.

Favors Owed (-3) You owe a boon to someone of great importance or to a church or family line, and may be called upon to repay it at any time. Failing to do so will disgrace you publically and could have other repercussions you don't want to face.

Glory Hound (-5) A glory hound believes they are only as good as their reputation, and will go to great effort to spread what they believe is the truth about themselves. They must be in the spotlight whenever possible, will boast and tell stories about their own intelligence, creativity, bravery, skills etc whenever possible, even fabricating a bit to improve the tale. Two or more glory hounds in the same group will become automatic rivals. They must have a minimum Esteem of 6.

Guilt Complex (-3) A character with this trait will believe that all the negative things around them must be their fault, or caused by their failure to act or their actions (even if logically they couldn't have been responsible). They can have a maximum esteem of 4

Gullible (-3) A character with this trait believes easily. Anyone using Oratory, Rhetoric, Seduction, or Intimidation skills on them gets a +2 to their rolls.

Haunted By Uneasy Spirits (-3) Ghosts and other uneasy spirits haunt you, either from your own past actions or those of your family. They may seek revenge, simply to harass or to get the character to help settle old debts.

Incomprehensible Magic (-3) [Can only be taken by a character with spells, but not by a Shek-Pvar] The character has an eccentric and possibly flawed understanding of magic which makes them unable to describe or explain magic to others. You cannot teach your magics to others, in any form, and may be held in disdain by other mages because of this lacking. Maximum Insight of 6. {This might be also used for a character that is self-taught in magic and thus has no formal training}.

Indecisive (-3) Gets a -5 to Initiative Rolls in combat situations. Cannot take Fast Metabolism, or the Initiative Combat Skill. Has difficulty making decisions quickly, and may waste time trying to get the opinions of others on what to do. Esteem cannot be greater than 6.

Infamous (-5) You have had songs or tales written of your past, and they were definitely not flattering. Your name may instill fear, disgust, hatred or other negative reactions in the process of its being heard.

Infamous Family (-3) Your family is well known, but has a stigma that is equally well known that reflects on you. It affects how people react to you and can cause distrust or rudeness easily.

Jealous Lover (-3) You have a jealous lover NPC who is overprotective and somewhat stifling i their relationship. They assume that everyone wants to steal you away from them, or that you are having secret liaisons with complete strangers. They may resort to violence against those they suspect. They are reluctant to leave you alone and may spy on you to catch infidelities. If you ever break off the relationship they will become enraged, stalking you and tormenting you, eventually wanting to kill you if they cannot win you back.

Karmatic Debt (-1) [This can be taken a multiple of times] The character owes a debt to the universal balance and will be expected to pay for it in game. Karmatic debt may be bought off in game by spending destiny points towards it, or by the GM introducing negative karmatic items into play (ex: While you were away adventuring, brigands attacked your home and carried away your true love.....plot follows from here).

Lame (-5) The character has a bad leg, and covers only the normal distance that others do when walking or running. They will get a -2 to unarmed combat, dance, trapeze, acrobatics, climbing and other skills that require large use of the legs.

Lost Eye (-5) [Max. Perception of 7] A character with this problem wears an eye patch and they cannot replace the missing eye in any way. They are at -2 to all sight oriented skills, including the use of all missile weapons, bows, jewelry and gem making, sculpting, painting, drawing, etc.

Loyalty (-3) Blood and friendship are thicker than ethics or law. A loyal character will never abandon a friend in need, even if it means joining their fate. If the character has a sworn oath of fealty they will be the perfect servant/companion to their liege and never question or doubt them and their actions.

Magical Addiction (-5) [Can only be taken by a character with spells, but not by a Shek-Pvar] A character with this addiction finds the sensation of performing magic to be a rush of extreme pleasure. They will cast desire to use magic as a solution to every little problem, and will cast themselves into exhaustion. They will create petty little spells to perform mundane tasks, just as an excuse to use their powers. They may draw the disdain of the Shek-Pvar and will not be trusted by society in general.

Meddlesome (-5) A character with this trait wants to help fix other people's lives: Give advice, arrange romances, teach children the "right" way to do things, dictate morality or tend the ailing. They spend a lot of time doing this and people often resent it. If a Shek-Pvar you try to change the world for the better - bending, but not quite breaking the code.

Missing Heirloom (-2) The character was responsible for the loss of a family heirloom and must recover it to remain within the good graces of their family (failure to do so may even endanger any inheritance they were due). They must feel a need and desire to track down the item, and must devote time and resources to it. The GM and player should discuss the nature of the item and the details of its loss.

Nightmares (-5) [Cannot take sleepless positive trait, fear resistance, or be an elf]. Krasula, the hunter of sleep, enjoys tormenting you when you sleep, inflicting nightmares regularly. These are drawn from the characters own tragedy and fears in life, warped and made more horrible with time. Each night they sleep a d20 is rolled by the GM, and if the result is 10 or greater then they will have a nightmare. The day after such a night they will be at -1 to all rolls that they make. If they encounter an event in life that in some way mirrors events in their nightmares they will need to make a fear roll.

Oath of Fealty (-7) You are sworn to serve a Lord, Noble, Merchant Family, Temple or Ships Captain and must serve their best interests and do service unto them whenever requested. (Shek-Pvar cannot take an Oath of Fealty, nor may Priests and Priestesses, since they are already bound by an oath).

Obligation (-2) The character has some sort of unique responsibility or obligation to fulfill that requires their service, time or resources in some way. It could be an outstanding family matter, or as simple as an outstanding guild token that could be collected on in the future. The GM and the player should discuss the actual details of this trait. In general it should be a finite, not a continuous obligation.

One Arm (-7) The character has permanently lost an arm in life (probably from combat, accident or ravaging disease). They cannot use or learn skills associated with the use of two hands, including all two handed weapon skills. People tend to react more negatively to one armed characters.

Overconfident (-3) {requires a minimum Esteem of 5.} A character that is loud, boastful and who fails to plan ahead for the possibility of defeat. They often refuse to retreat in combat and rarely back down from a situation (except with a successful MIND roll).

Overdeveloped Sense of Vengeance (-3) This character will be seeking to kill ruin an enemy on a regular basis and will risk anything for revenge. {Logic cannot exceed 6; Passion must be at least 5}

Phobia (-1) This is an irrational fear that affects the character actions (ex: Heights, Snakes, Insects, Closed places, etc.). A fear roll is made when faced with one's phobias.

Poor Credit Reputation (-2) [Mercantyler Only] You have a bad reputation in regards to paying back your debts or producing results when investing others money in business ventures. Your metaphoric ship has a record of not only not coming in, but sinking at the dock. Other mercantylers will not invest with you, and getting loans from moneylenders can be extremely difficult to nearly impossible.

Price On Head (-3) In one of the major countries (or lands) of Hârn, your character is wanted dead by someone important and wealthy. Bounty Hunters or Priests of Naveh may be hunting to kill them, and if they stay in one place too long they may be fighting for their lives.

Renegade (-10) [Spellcasters only; not for non-humans] The character has violated the code of the Shek-Pvar in such a way as to be declared a renegade and is hunted by them. They themselves might be a Shek-Pvar who taught magic to an outsider beyond the normal limits, or have committed a felony in Melderyn, or betrayed the order, or murdered another member of the order, stole from the order, withheld knowledge etc. Renegades must avoid the Shek-Pvar at all costs, and be ready to face their wrath if they encounter them, for they will show no mercy.

Soft-Hearted (-3) You cannot abide being witness to suffering, and causing it can bring you nightmares or angst. Even the demise of enemies are guilt ridden things. You prefer to avoid danger and to keep your friends out of it as well. You are easily moved by convincing stories and songs, and cry at weddings. Empathy MUST be 5 or greater.

Sterility (-1) The character cannot sire offspring, though they are otherwise sexually functional.

Unattractive Appearance (-3) [Cannot be taken with Attractive Appearance] You have some physical characteristics that make you unattractive to others. This may be a hunchback, major scarring, an offensive odor that cannot be disguised, malformed limbs, or other such physical factors.

It reduces the reaction of others to you, and may produce outright scorn or insults.

Unusual Appearance (-3) [Cannot be taken by Non-humans]. You do not appear to be quite normal, you have physical features that may reveal mixed blood ancestry, or be the result of mutations or magical accidents. This could be pointed ears, strange colored hair, extra digits, excessive height or being shorter than normal. This can produce fear or paranoia in other people.

Violent Temper (-3) You are easily offended and slighted, and your temper will override logic, demanding satisfaction. You pick duels too quickly, without thought of who you will be fighting. You fight fiercely and savagely (+3 to all Damage you inflict) but leave yourself open in combat in the process (-3 to all Coordination rolls to dodge etc). If you are laughed at or derided you may lose all control and try to kill everyone involved in your fury. Insight and logic cannot be greater than 6. Passion must be at least a 5.

Vow (-3) Many religious orders require members to take a specific vow that can affect their lives. Peoni, for example, has orders that have a vow of celibacy, another of poverty and one to renounce social rank.

Wanderlust (-3) A character with this trait feels a need to explore, to travel regularly and to not let the grass grow beneath their feet. They will generally not have the Landlord Trait, and should not have a price on their head.

Weak Stomach (-1) Spicy foods make this character nauseous, leaving them at a -1 to all skill and attribute rolls for an hour afterwards.

Character Growth:

Training growth is based primarily upon a character's Discipline, since training growth is based upon the textbook and classroom model in general. Take the character's Discipline, plus their Esteem, their Sanity and their Communication aspects added together. Minus from this the total of their Adaptability, Passion, Synchronicity and Creativity Aspects. If the result is positive, then they are more training growth oriented and can reduce the training times by 10 hours per point of the result. If the result is negative then they are poor classroom students and for every point of difference you must add 10 hours to the standard needed times (see table duplicated below from the basic Perilous rule book). No Skill will take less than 10 hours to gain or increase thru training.

Table Skill Category Hours
I Combat 60
II Crafts & Trades 120
III Entertainment 180
IV Knowledge 360
V Social and Art 180
VI Unusual 120
VII Athletic 90
VIII Occult (except spells) 360

Random Growth Random growth, the advancement of existing skills (and picking up new ones) in the field by using them regularly, is my preferred experience system of the non-training growth systems. Under the psyche system it is also modified. You still cannot raise a skill to a rank above 8. The average of the character's Adaptability, Insight, and Curiosity. This will be their Growth Factor, which is subtracted from their Skill rank in the skill being rolled for. The total after the addition of the skill rank will produce a range between -8 and 6. A d20 is rolled on the following chart to see if skill increase has occurred:

Roll -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
8 I N N N N N N N N N N N N N N
9 I I I N N N N N N N N N N N N
10 I I I I I N N N N N N N N N N
11 I I I I I I N N N N N N N N N
12 I I I I I I I N N N N N N N N
13 I I I I I I I I N N N N N N N
14 I I I I I I I I N N N N N N N
15 I I I I I I I I I N N N N N N
16 I I I I I I I I I N N N N N N
17 I I I I I I I I I I N N N N N
18 I I I I I I I I I I I N N N N
19 I I I I I I I I I I I I I N N
20 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

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