REVIEW : A Magic Medley

  • Copyright (c) 1997 By Joseph Teller

    A Magic Medley is published by Grey Ghost Press, Inc and is ISBN 1-887154-02-7 ($19.95). It is intended as a 'magic rich supplement for FUDGE and other RPGs'. If you can't find it in your local gaming store it can be ordered directly by mail from Grey Ghost Press, Inc. if you include an additional $3 (US) $4 (Canada) or $6 (Anywhere else) for shipping.

    This collection of all new material for roleplaying games, with an emphasis on FUDGE, is a rich selection from a wide number of authors. In its 128 pages it lays out a basic magical design system, and then six seperate detailed magical systems (African Spirit Magic, Bioenergetics, Celtic Magic, Chinese Magic, The Gramarye, and Occultisim), followed by a collection of magical items and finally a number of short adventures amd plot ideas for running in a magic oriented camapign.

    It draws from a combination of concepts, covering folklore concepts, fictional concepts and 'real world' magic systems in a simple and concise way that works well with the FUDGE mechanics. It even includes a nice conversion system to use GURPS magic with FUDGE that works effectively.

    The various sections of the book are well written, and efficiently edited, so that no space is wasted or needed details left out to use the magic systems within a FUDGE game. It gives overall some much needed 'meat' to the use of magic in FUDGE.

    The Chinese magic section definitely feels very authentic to the cultural history of that part of the world, and the Bioenergetics system would work well in many future history based game worlds. The African Spirit magic system also seems quite authentic, but having not personally studied much of that culture I can't really judge its accuracy, only its playability.

    None of the systems are for 'High Energy' magic worlds really, but are for 'lower energy' play concepts where subtle application are the playing style. Still they are better done than many attempts to capture this concept within gaming.

    Overall I have to recommend the addition of this book to one's gaming shelf, even if you do not use FUDGE, as it can be easily adapted to other mechanics (and includes some basic translation information for those not familiar with FUDGE) and can be fit into most campaigns to add a different flavor to magic in play.

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