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  • Galactic Religions:

    Religion, of course, has traveled with all the various races to the stars. Besides religions that are found among members of single culture, there are others that have transcended their original culure or which have been founded by a group of beings of different species and which are thus of a larger scale in regards to who may believe in them. It is to these wider reaching faiths that this section deals with, giving a short summary of each of these religions and their philosophies.

    Church of Celestial Guidance

    Children of Redemption
    Crimson Warriors of Perfection
    The Crimson Warriors are firm believers in natural selection, evolution and maintaining bloodline purity. They feel that most Delta's (except pure human Kents), all Imps and Cylphs are abominations. They don't believe in Comfort or art, feeling both are weaknesses, and believe that sex is for procreation only. They beleive in the right of the strong to command or destroy the weak, but hold mental discipline equal to physical discipline and strength. Most other religions feel that they are fanatical, obsessive, oppressive and dangerous. Because of their intolerance and dangerous nature members of this religion are carefully watched by authorities on Quartermain, and their members are not recruited into employment as they are perceived as a security risk.
    Keepers Of The Book of Zin
    Zin was a member of the Shinji people who founded a cult following and developed a philosophy associated with terraforming all possible planets within the Galaxy in order to carry out the desires of the Universal Mother Goddess (called Uma) to bring her blessings to all. They have taken on many converts among the oxygen breathing races, but have earned the prejudice of the Methane breathing races who feel persecuted by their faith's viewpoint.
    Servants Of The Inner Light
    aka The People Of The Light or The Illuminators

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