Victorian Era RPGS (Steampunk & Beyond)

America-British/British-American Dictionary
Falkenstein Unofficial Support
Fantastic Victoriana (Encyclopedia of Victorian Heros & Villains)
FF1.ZIP Forgotten Futures #1 : Kiplings Scientific Romances
FF2.ZIP Forgotten Futures #2 : Griffith's Stories of Other Worlds
FF3.ZIP Forgotten Futures #3 : Doyle's Professor Challenger
FF4.ZIP Forgotten Futures #4 : Carnacki Cylinders
FF5.ZIP Forgotten Futures #5 : Goodbye Piccadilly Square
FF6.ZIP Forgotten Futures #6 : Victorian Villany
If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord...
Iron Empire RPG
Review of Call of Cthulhu London Guidebook
S1889.ZIP Space 1889 to GURPS translation

{Note: The Image on this page is of an actual Babbage Difference Engine}

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