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I have been published in two fanzines. "Tangled Webs" was published in the first issue of "Highland Blades," a zine put out by Linda Hutcheson which has sold out. I wrote short stories for both issues of "The Methos Chronicles," a fanzine put out by my friend Carol Ann. "The Hidden Chronicle" was in volume I and "Aftermath" would have been in volume II except that it never got published. Volume I is now for sale. For more information on Carol Ann or her fanzine, check out their respective web pages. To order The Methos Chronicles, visit Agent With Style's site.

The Methos Chronicles page
Carol Ann's Page
Agent With Style

I have had two fanfics published in the APA, Interregnum. Playing to Stalemate was in issue #30 and Unauthorized Access was in issue #31. Chapter 1 of "Matilda's Story," based on a Night Watch game was split between issues #33 and 34. Since my roommates are the editor and the assistant editor, I have been writing a zine for every issue, though not every zine has fiction in it. All fiction that I include in Interregnum as well as a number of the articles and reviews will show up somewhere on this web site sooner or later.

"Me and My Shadow" will appear in issue #35 of Interregnum. "Distorted Reflections" will be included in a Methos zine that my friend Sharon is putting together. I have submitted two stories to the second issue of So Speaks the Hero, a Highlander fanzine put out by Ashton Press.

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