Between The Twilight And Tomorrow



March 1994 thru October 2001

Interregnum rose in response to the passing of The Wild Hunt APA, which may have been the second of the early roleplaying gaming related amateur press associations, after the more famous 'Alarums & Excursions'.

IR was founded by Peter Maranci and he stood at the helm as 'King Log' or pubisher/Editor for all but the last few years it was published.

When Peter became unable to continue to devote time and money into maintaining the publication, after a year's hiatus, Kiralee McCauley, took up the helm as Editor/Publisher, with Joseph Teller taking on the duties of Art Editor, public relations and logistics person.

About eighteen months at the Helm Kiralee's employment and other committments became too intrusive and she left most of the operatons (except the financial side of things) in the hands of Joseph.

IR closed down at a financial loss, which had occured due to a number of problems including inherited debts, fast rising postal costs, rising printing costs, the member malaise that came with the war, and a shrinking readership as the internet came to dominate the sort of articles and discussions that it was all about.

The PDFs

These compiled PDFs of issues are in 5.0 format, which should be viewable by all PDF readers, and were made in the last year of operations. They are scanned copies, done by hand, page by page with a flatbed scanner and an old HP desktop computer running Windows 98 at the time.

All materials in these issues are copyright, unless otherwise noted inside, of the respective authors, who have only given reproduction rights of them within the context of the complete issues. You'd need to contact them for permission to redistibute them in any other format than these issues. We do not have current contact information for most of the authors.

These are here for educational and historic research effort, as well as to provide ideas and understanding of roleplaying games and the long-tail roots of gaming and how it has changed over the years.